Brad's Best Style Tips For Men to Become More Attractive

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How to dress best to maximize your scoring?

If you have no idea what would be best style for you, no worry, because below is my best tips with 9 years of experience to get as good looking as possible with the power of Attractive Style.

Large Surveillance Of Styling Tips With Women

Women have a good sense of great style. In the past, every time I went to buy new clothes, I took my Girlfriend(s) with me. They always told me what was attractive and what not.

Example, one of my Ex Girlfriend recommend me to buy a shirt that looks good.

I bought it.

After I broke up and went for new girls, most of them complimented the shirt looking good on me.

I would have lot of similar stories to tell about with new women recommending me a clothes and getting compliments later, but it’s too off topic.

I want to share you the best tips to get the best style for you.

These stories and experiences have granted me a good view what looks good on Men and what women are attracted to.

With Good Style, You can boost your Attractiveness Dramatically.

Dress Like a Player

If you go for NightClubs or Bars, always wear t-shirt if you have decent muscles or ripped body.

And always ass tight ass possible.

You have worked hard to get that nice body and muscles, so there is no any reason to show them off.

If you go with hoodie or loose t-shirt, you are only shooting yourself on your foot. These will hide your hard earned work.

What to Wear to Become Good Looking?

What are the important aspects for acquiring attractive style?

The more important thing than buying expensive brand clothes with huge logos in the middle of the shirt, is the color contrast and how they fit on you. White shoes, white shirt and so on.

Below is one of my favorite styles to go for bars:

Simple style is best
  • Slim White t-shirt
  • Medium Tight light Jeans
  • White Lift Shoes (Because of white shirt)
  • The Watch.

Simple = Attractive

Above style is Simple. Simple doesn’t mean it’s not Effective.

The Power of Attractive style is not amount of shit one is wearing, it’s about:

  • Tight Clothes that Fits on your body. And in the best case proves your having a sexy body.
  • Only 2-3 colors. If you are wearing a green hat, red shirt, blue jeans and white shoes, that looks like clown. The Key is to have every other piece of clothing to have the same color.
  • Wearing a Watch is instant status boost. Every Alpha Men are wearing the Watch.
  • Fit t-shirt makes your arms looks bigger and more sexy for women.
  • Lift shoes to boost height.
  • Limit the texts and logos in the clothes.

All the points above are pointing for simple style. And from my experience after testing lots and lots of different styles, the Simple is best and most effective.

Below in the Picture you can see how Color can have impact on the illusion of bigger arm. As I have pale skin, the black shirt makes my arm looks almost bigger than white shirt, even I have a lot higher bodyfat percentage in the picture of white shirt:

The Difference how Tight and Correct Color shirt can make illusion of Bigger Arm.

T-Shirt VS Hoodie VS Fleece?

As said above, I always prefer t-shirt for bars.

But if you go for dates or daytime pickup route, hoodie is good to go.

Why Hoodie over Fleece?

Because Hoodie improves your “BadBoy Vibe” a lot more than wearing fleece. You can see that in the most cases badboys are wearing hoodies and nice guys fleece.

So what kind of hoodie is good?

In the below picture: Bright and Red Hoodie with black Jeans.

Why this is effective?

Bright and Red is Swag.

And you know that Swag boosts dramatically your attractiveness. It indicates you being a cool, confident guy who don’t give a f#ck.

A guy who have regular access to hot women.

So have that swag. You can get Red hoodie like above here.

What kind of Hat to Wear?

What is most attractive Hat?

None. A good hairstyle wins a hat anytime.

If you go for hat, get a Snapback because it’s more swag and badboy style than other hats.


V Neck T-shirt:

  • With or without the buttons
  • Color: white or black. Simple colors. The black shirt gives my arms a good contrast and makes them looks bigger.

Big arms in the club environment are a huge advantage and makes women crazy over you.

A pink shirt gives you a swag and player vibe. If you have confident enough to go with pink, try it out.

I’ve gotten approached by women when I wore a pink the shirt. This proves the Power of Swag as stated above.

Importance Of Colors

Below is the Example why Colors are so important for your style.

Because Pants are the middle wear between shirt and shoes, the examples of the color contrasts to boost your style are below. Every other torso cloth need to have the same color:

  • Shirt/Pants/Shoes combo: Shirt and shoes same color.
  • Shirt/Belt/Pants/Shoes combo: Shirt and pants same color. Shoes and Belts same color.


Slim jeans. Simple, but looks good. Blue is usually a good choice of color. The color of jeans depends on what shirt you are wearing:

Color combos with:

  • White shirt:

Blue or black jeans.

  • Black shirt:

Blue jeans.

  • Blue shirt:

Black jeans.

  • Other color:

Blue or black jeans.

Never white jeans!

The bright blue Jeans I’ve on the first picture are my favorite. You can get similar here. These kind of Jeans with white shoes and shirt is very good combo.


Pick a lift shoes.

They gives you a little bit more of height, which is advantage.

Color should be chosen by the rest of your clothes. If you are wearing a white shirt, have a white shoes. With black you can go for both.

White Shoes are always the coolest, but they get dirty quick and they need to be take care of. Even though these cons, I always prefer a white shoes as they make you appeal more, looks cool and swag. You can get similar lift shoes I have on the first picture here. These kind of shoes are the best one’s you can get when it’s about becoming good looking.


The color is the most important factor, and how it matches with the rest of your clothes. With white shoes, wear a white belt.

I bought a very expensive $150 belt in the past, and it sucked. It didn’t suit the style and was total waste of money.

Later I learned that the brand and price is not the most important thing.

I bought very cheap belt that was perfect for my style.

The lesson above was learned after that.

Fragrance. Smell Good = Confidence = Attraction

When you smell good, you’ll feel good.

When you feel good, you are more confident.

And when you are more confident, you Attract more women.

From my experience, the perfumes aren’t the best. They smell too much. I prefer deodorants.

I’ve experimented a lot of different deodorants and perfumes, and the connection between them and success with women. There isn’t a big impact, but of course it’s always best to maximize every aspect.

One fragrance have become my favorite over the years. And women also love it. When I use it, I get compliments like: ’you smell very good’.

It’s the Hugo Boss – Bottled Night deodorant. A very manly smell, but not too intense.

Jewelry/Watches, are they Attractive?

Necklaces, I don’t personally like them. Neither wrist jewelry.

But having a great watch is very important. Watch is a status thing for men.

I get always compliments from women when I’m wearing my watch, and it’s good way to keep conversation flowing if you go out of words. Below is the picture of my Watch:

It have been one of the best investments I have ever bought. It’s durable and have been working years without problems. You can get the same watch here.

If you don’t own Watch, I highly recommend to buy one. It’s a very good investment. Just don’t buy cheap and fake, they broke easily. When you buy once a great quality watch, you don’t need to buy another.

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