Natural way to maximize Testosterone

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Time to Maximize Naturally Testosterone Levels
It’s Testosterone boosting Time!

How to Maximize your Testosterone Levels dramatically without Steroids?

Keep reading.

Testosterone, the male hormone. It have impact on confidence, aggression, strength, libido and mood.

Low Testosterone = Several Negative Effects

Lack of Testosterone can cause several health problems like:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Increased fat tissues
  • Low libido
  • Low strength
  • Brain-fog

It’s important to get your hormones on where they should be.

I’m not going to talk much about theory or science of Testosterone…

Just little bit:

If you are suffering some of the symptoms listed above, it can be caused by lowered testosterone levels.

I recommend to go talk with doctor to get your testosterone levels checked. To get the accurate results, you should go on morning to take a blood test.

My experience with Testosterone blood tests

I’ve tested my levels a few times. The first time I had increased SHBG which caused lowered free-testosterone, that I had to fix. Those increased levels were probably caused by my short term Finasteride usage (Hair loss preventing medicine. Read my Bad experience here)

My levels where inside normal range, so I didn’t get medical help back then.

If you are suspecting you have low Testosterone levels but they are inside the range, you might still have lowered levels. Those ranges aren’t accurate and there are multiple conditions that affect the results.

To fix low Testosterone levels,doctors rarely give Testosterone Replacement Therapy. (I don’t have any experience on it, so I’m not gonna write about something I don’t have personal experience with)

I’ll write down some natural ways to maximize your testosterone levels and some legit supplements that I’ve realized have impact on Testosterone (Harder lifts, more energy, increased libido).

Of course these supplements will not give results like you would have on steroids, but you can clearly see a huge difference on energy levels, libido and strength.

So let’s go to the point, to Maximize Naturally Your Testosterone Levels.


Fat Rich Diet = More Testosterone

Getting enough good fats is necessary for hormonal profile. The fats you want are unsaturated fats. These kind of fats can be obtained example from olive oil and peanuts.

Also lots of eggs, they are a good source of protein and fats. The fat intake on day should about be minimum of 0.5g/1lbs or 1g/1kg of your body weight.

Example: if you weight 176,36lbs/80kg, you should have a 80g fats. This can be easily obtained by eating a 100g of peanuts and 6 boiled eggs. To get some extra fat, eat few spoons of olive oil a day.

9 Example foods for Good, Healthy and Testosterone Boosting Diet:

  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Olive Oil
  • Broccoli
  • Bananas
  • Kale
  • Fish
  • Berries
  • overall vegetables

You should not be afraid of getting fats, they are not the same as fat tissues on your belly. Your body needs these dieatary fats to function.

Avoid  Caffeine. Or at Least consume it moderate…

I know it’s hard as F#@k if you are guy like me who get’s a huge energy boost from coffee.

I’ve tried to quit caffeine many times, but always got back on it. Nowadays using it with patience. Like one cup a day.

Compared to time I over used it: around 1000mg of caffeine a day( around 10 cups of coffee), I got several health issues:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Fatigued all the time
  • Adrenal glands probably

Besides these symptoms, my libido was very low. I think it had to do with my sky-rocketed cortisol levels, that caffeine caused. Increased cortisol levels decreases the testosterone levels dramatically.

How to Suppress Cortisol Levels?

Stop caffeine consumption of course, but after that there are few supplements that helps:

Rhodiola Rosea and megadosing Vitamin C.

Taking Vitamin C around 1000-2000mg a day is good, it’s water soluble so no need to worry about overdosing it like some fat soluble vitamins.

Rhodiola instead is daily taken supplement and it effects are cumulative, so it kicks in after few days properly. It’s a natural plant that’s growing on northern areas, used as traditional medicine for example anxiety or fatigue. 

7 Great Effects Of Rhodiola Rosea:

  • Lowered stress
  • Lowered cortisol effects
  • Increased Serotonin Levels
  • Antidepressant
  • Increased energy
  • Increased testosterone
  • Ability to last longer in bed

Rhodiola Rosea is one of my favorite supplements. I can see the Testosterone and Strength boosting effects after few days taking it on gym, as weights go higher much easier than normally would.

Also my stress levels are very low while on it. I don’t really stress about anything. Rhodiola has great Antidepressant effects and my mood is much higher while on it. I’m more social and happy.

For libido, it makes me last longer on bed, which is good.

It should be taken max 3 months, and after that take a minimum of month a break.

Sugar = Hell No when you are about to Maximize Naturally Testosterone Levels

Another bad habit, that’s hard to break.

There is sugar almost everywhere in the processed foods, so avoid processed foods and eat only organic food.

Sugar can also cause addiction and withdrawals, which sounds fun but it’s true. Take a few weeks break of any sugar and you can definitely see a huge difference on mood.

Not to say that it affects negatively on Testosterone levels.

Shortly, sugar kills Testosterone levels.

Fructose aka fruit sugar from fruits is not that bad, but you should not over do fruits either. Fruits like bananas and watermelon have a libido boosting effects, also they contains a lot of good minerals and vitamins.

Enough Zinc. Key to Maximize Testosterone

Zinc is an anti-estrogen and I think I was on zinc deficit for long time before starting to supplement it.

Deficiency of zinc causes lowered testosterone levels.

Every time you ejaculate, you release lots of minerals, including a lot of zinc.

I used have bad habit of over masturbating and not eating enough zinc rich diet. I was tired all the time on that time. My energy levels did dramatically increased after fixing my diet.

Good amount of zinc a day is somewhere around 15-50mg. When you ejaculate, you release about 5mg zinc, so you can count on it.

There are lot of different Brands of Zinc and I have seen a huge difference between them. Get some High Quality and Good Brand Zinc Here from Amazon.

Green Vegetables Full Of Zinc

Some foods that are good source of zinc are some green vegetables like:

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Kale

From foods it absorbs better than taking zinc pills. I take both though, I eat a lot of vegetables and I take 1-3x/day 15mg zinc.

Diet to Maximize Naturally Testosterone
Some of my supplements and foods for Testosterone Boosting diet

Good Sleep = More Testosterone

This is probably common sense: 8-10 hours of sleep every night to get body restored.

Everywhere you look for how to get more healthy lifestyle, the first answer is: “get enough sleep“.

Some people have a good gifts for falling in sleep and sleep 8 hours uninterrupted sleep without any problems.

Other’s don’t, like me. I’ve struggled with sleeping problems my whole life.

Either it’s rolling on my bed for 2 hours before falling a sleep, or waking up in the middle of night and not getting back to sleep anymore.

Still on this day I haven’t found the final cure, but I’ve had experience with lots of stuff to beat this problem.

I’ve tried meditation and body relaxing drills to get sleep. I’ve tried supplements. And several medications I got prescripted by doctor for insomnia.

6 Things to Help Insomnia

  • No caffeine intake 8 hours before going on sleep. Even caffeine’s effects last a few hours, it has a half-life of around 6 hours and can be pretend sleeping on that time. 8 hours is good. Best way is to stop caffeine completely or minimize it like only on mornings, like I wrote above.
  • Chamomile Tea. A very good stuff as it has sedative and anti-anxiety effects. Also it helps with stomach pain and problems. Besides these, chamomile contains lots of Antioxidants. A cup or two of strong chamomile tea 1 hour before bed will help falling a sleep. It can be drank later than 1 hour though, but I try to avoid liquids before sleep so I don’t need to wake up for a pee in middle of night.
  • Melatonin. Only helps when taken rarely. If I take it more than few days a row, it lost it’s effectiveness. If it’s short acting, it should be taken around 30 minutes before going to bed. Depots should be taken 1-2 hours before bed.
  • Avoid liquids. As said on chamomile, try to avoid liquids before bed, then you don’t need to awake to take a pee.
  • Magnesium. Can help with restless legs or muscles to recover. Goes good along with Zinc. It could be taken with Zinc and b6 vitamin for synergy. Zinc, Magnesium and b6, shortly ZMA, is a good supplement stack that also boosts testosterone. It gives a wilder dreams also.
  • No sports before few hours of going to sleep. On many places you can read that you should do some physical exercise before bed to get better sleep, but I have an opposite. I get energy after doing a hard exercise, good endorphin rush and sleeping on that point is last thing I want to do.
Everyone is Different

Amount of sleep to be able to function properly changes from person to person. Some says they are getting enough by sleeping a 6 hours/night. Some 7-8. I need 9-10 to get fully restored. And that sucks.

I see a huge difference when I’m sleep deprived on my libido, energy and mood than when I’m a restored fully.

All those symptoms that indicates an effects of Testosterone.

Physical exercise. Hard Lifts -> Testosterone

Gym. Hard lifts. Getting hit on big muscles like squads and back.

These are easy and effective exercises to Maximize Naturally Testosterone.

So are every kind of hard physical exercise.

This is also common sense, but yeah, if you aren’t doing physical exercise regularly, start doing it now. Today. Not tomorrow. Here is complete beginners guide for starting going to Gym if you have no idea what to do.

Over Masturbating (Not NoFap Article, Keep Reading….)

Over Masturbating drains your energy levels dramatically.

And also affects on your Testosterone levels.

There are those studies where abstaining a 7 days from masturbating spikes your testosterone levels and then it goes back to normal. I think this is legit, as I already see a big difference by not ejaculating for few days:

More energy and harder lifts on gym.

If I masturbate before gym, I get a shitty workout.

Energy Drainer

Ejaculating on sex is different though. Sex is okay, having a sex many times a day vs fapping many times a day, the later just makes you drained and foggy. Sex doesn’t do that. It has something to do with your brain instinct a real woman.

Both ways of ejaculating releases though a lot of important minerals and hormones, like:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamins
  • Cholesterol
  • DHT (another male hormone)

It’s important to take supplements to not getting deficiency of these above.

PROLACTIN. One of the Key Hormones that affect Testosterone Levels.

This is related on above, over masturbating.

Every time you ejaculate, your brain releases a lot amounts of dopamine, while at the same time it skyrockets your prolactin levels temporarily, which will be continued to be decreased slowly after ejaculation.

Prolactin is hormone that’s makes you feel satisfied.

Too elevated levels of it causes lowered Testosterone levels in men.

On high levels it cause a lowered energy levels and libido.

That’s why you don’t desire sex right after ejaculation, as your brain are filled with Prolactin.

Over masturbating (and sex) regularly can elevate prolactin levels too high and cause chronic fatigue.

So How To Lower Prolacting Levels?

Vitamin B6

B6 Vitamin on high doses. 200mg+ of taking vitamin b6 lowers prolacting levels, also it makes body build more serotonin. You can get High Quality and Good Brand of B6 Vitamin here from Amazon.

It’s water soluble, so it wont be stored on body and shouldn’t have negative effects if not used regularly.

If it’s used on high doses regularly, it can cause effects on hands and feet going numb. You should STOP immediately taking it if you are feeling these kind of effects. Furthermore usage can cause nervous damage. So it’s not safe to take continuously it, even it’s water soluble.

Legit Natural Supplements To Maximize Naturally Testosterone Levels

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens is natural plant(bean), which is probably best natural Testosterone Booster (There are not many legit out there) to Maximize your Testosterone Levels.

It contains lots of good ingredients, but the most know of them is rich L-Dopa content.

L-dopa increases your dopamine levels and it counteracts effects of prolactin.

The more Dopamine, the less Prolactin.

And opposite, the more prolactin, the less dopamine. (Note that too low prolactin levels  aren’t good or healthy either)

Mucuna pruriens is a very great supplement and it’s effects can be felt immediately. It’s testosterone boosting effects can be seen immediately on more energy at gym or becoming horny as f#ck.

It’s good supplement to take if you have example masturbated too much, and there is sex coming surprisingly, so you can get hard again if there would be problems getting it up.

Besides better gym and bedroom performance, overall energy and motivation will be increased.

Mucuna Helps with Beard Growth?

I cycled this for few months, taking daily max week, a break, and repeat.

What I noticed, was improved beard growth and new hairs on my cheeks and chest. Those are signs of increased Testosterone levels. It’s sad that this great supplement is not to safe to take for longer periods of time.

It should be taken on empty stomach with green tea extract to get full effects.

You can get High Quality Mucuna Pruriens to Maximize your Testosterone Levels from Amazon.


Maca is also natural plant and I haven’t seen big negative side effects while taking it. Besides it dramatic libido raising effects (good or bad, you name it?)

Maca is known on it’s hormone balancing effects.

In women who are low on estrogen it will raise their estrogen levels and lower testosterone, and on men the opposite; lower estrogen and raise testosterone.

Helps with SSRI induced Erectile Dysfunction

It won’t directly boost testosterone above your natural levels, but if you have lowered testosterone levels due to some medication, example SSRI induced erectile problems, it should do the trick.

My personal experience with Maca is great.

I used to eat painkillers on past due to injury for long period of time, and they affected on my libido and testosterone levels negatively.

Maca did help a lot with this, I got my libido back.

Maca also have a great anti depressive and -anxiety effects.

Summary of the effects of Maca:

  • Great(Huge) libido boost
  • Improves mood and decreases anxiety and depression
  • Increased energy
  • Increased performance on physical exercises

Maca taste is not good though, and it’s hard to ingest just like that on spoon, so it’s easier to mix it with water or yogurt.

Get Maca Powder here from Amazon.

Caloric Surplus. Don’t Starve if you want to Maximize Testosterone.

Being on caloric deficiency surely affects on Testosterone levels.

While I’m dieting and cutting bodyfat%, I have a much less energy and lower libido than I would have while bulking.

double edged sword:

Having a low bodyfat% increases testosterone, but to get there you need to cut.

High bodyfat% stores more estrogen and lowers testosterone levels.

Best way to do this is to first cut your bodyfat% to very low, below 10% (Guide is here) and start slowly build a muscle while maintaining the low bodyfat%.

You will get fat thought even you would have the best diet in world when gaining muscle.

Fat gain can’t be prevent, but they can be minimazed by eating little more surplus than you daily caloric intake is. And remember, healthy foods and lots of fat.

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