5 Minutes Home Workout that do wonders on your Aerobic Condition

This workout only takes a 5 minutes and is a lot better than going jogging or to the gym doing aerobic exercises.

Doing it daily will dramatically boost your aerobic condition and muscle stamina.

It’s also a lot more extreme.

This is the only workout I have ever puked afterwards, even I was a lot better shape at the time doing this regularly.

It’s called a MMA-Fighters Circuit Training. (There will be longer post about martial arts later, now I’m focusing in this workout).


Do each of these exercises a full 1 minute. No breaks are allowed. Push your limits. If you can’t do anymore, example push ups, you don’t lay. You stay at the plank until it’s full minute. After a minute, immediately change to another exercise, no breaks.

All of the exercises are done by your own body weight.

  • 00.00-00.59 – do as many push ups as you can.
  • 01.00-01.59 – do as many sit ups as you can
  • 02.00-02.59 – do as many back extensions as you can
  • 03.00-03.59 – do as squads as you can
  • 04.00-05.00 – do as many mma sit outs as you can (Google BJJ sit out drill)

That’s it. Count all the reps of them to get the total count.

Less than 200 total reps is a bad condition. For professional MMA-Fighters there should be easily over 300 reps.

Pros of this exercise:

  • Can done at home
  • Can done with own body weight, nothing else is required.
  • Only takes 5 minutes
  • Doing this daily will make jogging an hour a piece of cake
  • This not only improve your aerobic condition, but also muscles.

Just wanted to tell you quickly about this great workout.

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