8 Effective Ways to Become More Likable and Charismatic Person.

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What is the secret to become Likable and Charismatic Person?

In this Article you’ll learn 8 Effective ways to Dramatically boost this Demeanor…

Shortly: The Key for Being Likable is ability to make people around you feel Important about themselves. Besides that, being respectful and having “authority” makes you more charismatic.

As I used to have zero charisma and very poor social skills due the shyness, I managed to improve these Traits dramatically and master these Traits.

Below is a list of 8 EFFECTIVE ways to become more likable and charismatic Person.

#1 Loyalty.

Everyone loves and want’s loyal friends in their life. Being Loyal, Supportive and Protective for the closest people around you makes you a true friend. This kind of loyalty is rare though. There are many people out there who are missing this critical trait.

People who are too selfish to leave a “friend” alone when he or she is needing support the most, if there is danger for him/herself. So the #1 is to become Loyal if you already aren’t. If/when people see that you have been loyal and true friend, this attracts other people to want to become friends with you.

They will feel Important around you, as they know you are that rare true friend who is loyal till end.

how to become charismatic and likable person

#2. Be Trustworthy

The Above point takes us to Next step: Be Trustworthy. Everyone hates people who can’t keep secrets and shut their mouth up. You have probably met people you have told secret and then they have revealed it later, even they have “promised” to keep it on themselves. After this you probably never ever want to tell about personal problems to them.

Everyone have their own personal problems they might want to talk about to someone else than phychiatrist. If you can be trustworthy and keep the secrets, people who share their personal problems don’t only feel better, but also Important. There is someone they can talk to. Someone who they can trust. Someone who don’t reveal their secrets…

So Never Reveal other’s secrets.

#3. Never talk a shit about behind no one’s back.

As the two above qualities are very important, this one follows them:

Not only this is very disrespectful to talk shit behind other people back, it will make you less likable around the people you are talking this.

They realize: This guy is talking shit about that other guy behinds his back, why he couldn’t do this to me too?

If you can demonstrate that you never talk shit behind back, people likes you a lot more and it makes you much more real person.

So if you have something bad to say about someone, say it straight to them face and don’t be coward who talks shit behind back. This makes you much more respectful person.

#4. Be Interested about people and their life.

The most important topic people are interested to talk about, is about themselves.

When you are talking with someone, indicate that you are really interested about him or her.

Ask more detailed questions about what they tell about tell about their current life.

Have a direct Eye Contact and warm, relaxed and open Body Language.

Call them by their Names. Everyone loves to hear their own name.

By only doing this you are appearing a much more likable and charismatic person, who people feel important to be around.

#5. Avoid “I don’t know”. Be Direct.

Making decisions can be hard, but taking the lead and saying directly what you would wish to do, improves your authority.

Many people want to be followers, it doesn’t require responsibility.

Taking a Lead requires.

And when you are taking the lead by being direct and avoiding “I don’t know” when you are about to make decision, you appear to be more charismatic person who people find easy to approach as you can take the lead.

#6. Body language and Facial Expressions of being easy to Approach.

Closed body language with arms crossed around you makes you look like you are not in the mood of talking.

Neither do negative Facial Expressions.

Even if you would be on talkative mood, these signs makes you look like you are not.

So again: Warm, Open Body language (example hands in backpockets if you are standing or if you are sitting, have your arms relaxed besides you instead that arms crossed “tough guy” look) and Smile a lot.

This makes other’s much easily to approach and come talk with you.

#7 Be Real. Don’t be Shallow Person. And Don’t Brag.

Everyone hates bragging people. Nobody is interested if someone is trying to boost their ego by bragging something they did do.

As do being a shallow person.

Social Media would be good example for this. Nobody likes shallow people who are trying to brag about their luxury life on Instagram. My hint here is to delete all your Social Media accounts even if you don’t post bragging pictures. Not only it’s poison for you, as I state in this article: Why Social Media is Poison for your Mind, but you don’t wire your brains to idolize these kind of shallow people accidentally.

When you don’t have any Social Media, it makes you look a much more Real person and not shallow one.

People love Real people who don’t brag or try to fake something they really aren’t.

Have a demeanor like that and you are instantly much more likable person.

#8 Be Open Minded and don’t Judge People.

Last but not the Least.

Very important trait that makes people around you feel very important.

If you can be that person who don’t judge and is open minded, you are attracting a lot of people around you.

People are much more willing to talk with you, as they know that you don’t judge them.

They know that you are open minded and they can have a deep conversations with you no matter if the topic of conversation would be vulnerable for them.

People want to be with persons like these who don’t judge.


Summary of these 8 secret points to become more likable and Charismatic Person:

How to Master the aspects of having more authority and being respectful:

  • Be Loyal, Protective and Supportive people around you.
  • Be willing to listen other’s personal problems and keep them as your secret.
  • If you need to say something bad about someone, say it directly on his/her Face.

How to Master the aspects of making people feel important around you and you being a person who is easy talk with:

  • Be interested about people and their personal lives.
  • Warm and Open Body Language
  • Have that eye contact and Smile a lot.
  • Avoid bragging and being shallow. Be a real and don’t fake something in attempt to get social approve or ego boost.
  • Don’t Judge Nobody. And be Open minded. Very charismatic quality.

More Good Sources to Become more Likable Person:

How to Win Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie.

book with lots of secret ways to become Likable and Charismatic Person

If you are interested to take this positive path of improving your Personality and becoming a much more likable Person, I highly recommend to take a read on this book.

It contains lots of very good advice and methods about how to make people around you feel good and important.

As I stated the importance of being interested about other people lives, this book explains very good methods to do it properly and effective way.

There are a lot of Gems in this book. If you would like to learn more effective ways to boost your charisma and become likable person around people, I highly recommend to take a read. You can get this book from Amazon.

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