Acquiring the God Mode and living the Full Player Lifestyle

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Have You ever wondered what it feels to live like a Rock Star?

Welcome to God Mode.

This is the routine I used in the past to get into the next level. This is the routine that really was the game changer.

Although this takes a lot of time and effort, it will be worth it in the end. You will have constant dopamine rushes and you are literally going for God Mode.

Here’s the routine to follow up:

This will be your daily routine on weekdays:

-Right after you wake up, wear your sneakers and go take a walk with empty stomach. It should take around 40 to 60 minutes. This will burn your bodyfat without losing muscle gains and get’s you ready for day.

-When you get home from the walking, take a cold shower before eating the breakfast. You can go for hardcore mode and go straight for freezing shower, or first take a warm and then turn down the temperature. Cold showers are very healthy and gives you a good energy boost. Also they help with the fat burning, as your metabolism will get boost. Taking a cold shower is not easy and comfortable. By taking this as a daily routine, not only you’ll get the health benefits of the cold showers, but also you’ll build a strong discipline and iron will.

-After the shower, eat low carb breakfast. Like boiled eggs and some vegetables. This kind of high protein/low carb/ high fat breakfast will get you energy through day. After this you’ll be ready for day if you have a work or school. If you have a free time, you can go example picking up women on daytime. If you are still struggling with approach anxiety and fear rejections, you can do the drills in the program to beat the fear and become immune to rejections.

-When you get home, you can either go for gym or do pickups. Or if you have dates arranged, go for them.

On the weekend:

Friday night is the night for going to clubs. Avoid getting wasted so you are not on the hangover on the next day. If you have followed the methods of this book, there should not be issues to get laid, unless there are no women in the bars.


When you have a whole day of free time, there is a lot of things to do. Start your day with long walk in the nature. Again with empty stomach. This if you didn’t party but went sober on the Friday and you are not suffering from hangover. Eat breakfast and hit the gym to get good endorphine rush.

Then it’s time to get some pussy. If you haven’t already set up dates for this day, it’s time to go for picking up women. You can also try to get dates on that day from the Tinder, but I like to go for daytime picking up.

On the weekends there is a good chance to get laid on the same day or instant dates when doing the daytime approaching. Just ask her plans for the evening, or if she have no plans right now, you can ask her for drink and get things to your bedroom from there.

On the other hand you can set up date with her later on the evening for drinks and get laid.

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