Book Review: 5 Days Weekend by Garret B. Gunderson

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Are you Dreaming of Retiring at Young Age?

As I started the new Category: “Make Money Online“, I want to tell you about some good Sources I found very helpful about this topic. I accidentally found this book: “5 Days Weekend”, in the bookstore and hadn’t never heard about it before.

I got curious, and quickly checked the content of the book, realizing it has some very good and interesting stuff in it.

Legit Book for Making Money.

And I decided to buy this book.

This book isn’t about “How to Make Money Fast”.

It’s more a long term plan how to make money work for you, instead of you working for money.

It teaches you Investments Strategies and multiple ways to build Passive Income resources. The final goal is to have long term plan to have so many different resources that generates Passive Income so you can leave the normal 9-5 Rat Race and live the life of 5 Days Weekend, instead of working 5 Days.

I really like the approach of the book for retiring at young age by having a good long term financial plan. I personally don’t believe those “How to Get Rich Fast” guide’s, as getting rich fast luck. This book don’t teach luck, but actual ways to work your way for acquiring financial Freedom.

This book is really good read if you are planning to becoming Entrepreneur or building a Life full of Personal Freedom and Money.

The Life of being the Boss of Your Own and leaving normal 9-5 office job.

To read more, you can get this book from Amazon.

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