Getting Laid in Foreign Country is always easier than on Your Home

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Hello Friends! Hopefully you are doing fine. I wanted to post some more positive article when we live these dark times in this covid-19 pandemic. As I told you earlier that I’m stuck in foreign country now (You can read story here), I used to live there now a while. This was the first time in my life living in foreign country and of course I got lot of new experiences, meaning also Dating/Getting Laid.

Huge Realization how Getting Laid in Foreign Country is Always Easier

When I used to go pickup women at my home country, especially when I started my journey, the effort I had to put to seduce women was huge. I had lot of those cases of “Not interested”, which I tell you in The Lonewolf Game book about testing either she likes you or not.

Until I made it and mastered my Confidence, Social and Seducing Skills (These techniques can be found in The Player System), besides maximizing my looks, the amount of cases of “Not interested” Dropped dramatically. There were those cases still though from time to time, as the game is numbers game. That was when I was in my Peak of living the Player Lifestyle.

Getting Laid in Foreign Country is always easier
Its always Easier while Traveling

To The Point

Now I want to share you what the Game was when you are not in your home.

Firstly I need to say that I am not in my peak at the moment when it comes to looks (I have had hard times and loss some muscle mass, yet getting fat gains).

So we can remove the looks aspect off, like I already told you that looks doesn’t matter in the end in this post.

While being abroad now in foreign country, I used to go for bars and nightclubs. My goal wasn’t even getting laid in the first place, but making new local friends as I had no clue how long I would live there.

The very first time I went to Nightclub there, I got actually approached by women!

This was something really new to me, as at home I can’t remember if any women had ever made initiative and directly approach me (There are those indirect approaches I am talking in The Lonewolf Game book).

The first night out and I already got approached by local woman.

Was it just Really Good Luck or is there some Pattern?

The shock I got after getting approached by woman in the first night out, I was sure that it must be a really good luck.

But then I went out again.

And again.

And the shock I had, turned into huge realization:

Getting Laid in Foreign Country is always Easier than at Your Home

On the many of these nights, I got again approached by women directly. Even many times a night.

One thing that everyone knows about women and attraction, is that women find exotic guys attractive. This is the same thing I told that having a niche style helps you a ton with getting laid.

I had heard from some friends of mine who had done more traveling and being long times abroad in foreign country, that its so much easier getting laid in foreign country than at home.

Now I got to prove this by myself with this experience.

The cases of “Not being interested” in the foreign country were lower than at my peak of living the Player Lifestyle.

Conclusion of Getting Laid in Foreign Country

It’s truly is the Game Changer.

Even I was already more than happy with my current/past success with women I had lived, I got this huge realization how much faster my journey to being Player would have been if I originally started my journey in Foreign Country.

In the Article: “Why You should aim Getting Laid instead of Improving Game“, I told you how much more its important in the beginning of your journey to focus on getting laid than improving your Seducing Skills.

This case is the same.

So my Friend, either you are advanced or just started your journey for better life, I highly recommend you to try living in foreign country (After the coronavirus pandemic is over in future) and getting laid. Especially for beginners this can be dramatic improvement in your learning curve.

Until Next Time and Stay Safe!



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