Good sources for getting over the shyness and social anxiety

So you want to Beat the Shyness?

Great. You came to right place my Friend!

This time I’ll make a list of great and legit sources which helped me tremendously on my journey to beat the shyness and become confident. They sped up my learning curve a lot.

There are also some new Sources I hope I would have found back then… They would have given a huge help back then. Hopefully they will help You on Your Journey!

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This Article Contains Reviews of some supplements. I only recommend the one’s that work for me and I believe are Legit. I don’t recommend the one’s that won’t work and I have listed them earlier in this post.

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The calmness of the Nature. The comfortable silence and sounds of the Forest. I like to take long walks in forests. The peace in the forest, I want to help you to acquire the same peace on your mind if you are struggling with social anxiety. The calmness to talk comfortable with people. This calmness will Beat the Shyness.

Good Reads which helps to Beat The Shyness And Overcoming Social Anxiety

#1 How to Win Friends Influence People. By Dave Carnegie.

Very good read when you are about to beat the shyness. Teaches you some very important lessons about socializing.

This masterpiece is must read book when it comes to improving your Social Skills.

It teaches you how to become likable person and principles of social situations that charm people, helping you a lot for making new friends and contacts.

After reading this book, many things clicked. I started to apply these methods mentioned in the book and realized how they actually worked and helped me to build new relationships with people and people responded more positively.

The Key is to make people comfortable and feeling great about themselves. This is what this great book teach with very good examples and details.

#2 Reinventing Your Life: The Breakthrough Progrreinventing your lifeam to End Negative Behavior and Feel Great Again. By Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko.

This book is like therapy.

The therapy session between You and the Past of Yourself trying to figure out “Roots” of the Anxiety, Depression or Social Anxiety.

Some Trauma that caused them which Reflects on your daily life still this day.

The Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Feeling of Failure and lot more negative feelings. The Author calls them a “Lifetraps“, which roots takes a place on your early childhood.

In this book you go through again your Childhood Memories, trying to find out what are the causes of these negative feelings and beating them.

The goal is to meet yourself as a Child and find out those Roots.

After reading this book it made a lot of sense for me why I was always having a low self-esteem and anxiety.

By finding out those Roots I finally started to open these mental locks and started to feel better and learned to Deal with Anxiety.

I highly Recommend this Book if you are Suffering some of these negative feelings, yet you can’t find the cure. These Roots can be so Deep that you need to live the past again as a Child.

Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

The Power Of Positive Mindset will have huge impact how you see things

One of my favorite books this far.

Even this book is more about related to improving career and making money, it can be greatly used for problems with Shyness or Overcoming Social Anxiety.


Because this book is not “Secret how to become Millionaire”. It’s about acquiring the Positive Mindset and faith in Yourself.

The Faith that everything is possible and how much Power of Your Thoughts have impact the decisions you made.

If you are struggling with Shyness and you have no hope, confidence, low self-esteem to even start your journey to take the first steps to beat it, this book is for you.

It’s a source of happiness with very good and legit lessons.

I highly recommend to read this book even if you have started your journey, as this book will motivate you in the Dark Times.

When I’m feeling down and have negative thoughts that I can’t do thing x, I grab this book from my shelf and start reading. Afterwards I’m again motivated and I have Faith for better.

Supplements To Relax Mind, Boost Energy Levels and Improving Your Mood, Yet Also Helping With Stress and Anxiety, making it easier to Beat The Shyness

As I have said in my Book, that using Supplements is like using XP booster when playing RPG Game: You get more XP while leveling up.

In real life this is true too. When You Get in the Right Mood, you are more likely to become more Talkative with Higher Energy levels.

So I wanted to list down my Supplement Stack. I have tried tens of different supplements and can say that most of them are BS.

However, there are few Gems that are Legit and work. I will only recommend those supplement to you.

Some of them raise Testosterone, yet other impact on mood and suppress anxiety. Testosterone by the way plays a big role whatever is the goal, therefore also helping a lot with the journey of beating the shyness.

The List is Below:

#1 Rhodiola Rosea ~ Energy Booster, Mood Lifter And Stress/Anxiety Destroyer.

Goodbye Stress!

By far my favorite supplement. Years ago the summer I found out about this great herb, was probably the best summer ever. It was the time this whole dating game was clicking to me and I started to get the real results. At the same time I started to supplement with this.

Rhodiola had to have it own effects to the success I had, as I had way more higher energy levels and I was more talkative. And overall I had more positive mind. My results in gym jumped up. My gym mate thought I was on something as my lifts went up hard. This and the Mucuna Pruriens are the one supplements that raises the testosterone noticeable from my experience.

Rhodiola destroys the cortisol levels and helps with low energy levels. As I had those higher energy levels, I had motivation to do the stuff in my program (I started by going to bars, but did drills in that program afterwards), and beat my shyness and improved my social skills a lot.

#2 L-Theanine ~ Relaxation for Mind and Boosting Concentraction

The last legit supplement in my stack.

This one is not for boosting physical performance like Mucuna or Rhodiola.

L-theanine is for boosting the mental performance.

It works wonderfully when mixing with coffee. The Synergy between them is great!

This is probably not news in 2019 but I still want to write my own experience and review about Bulletproof Coffee (1 cup of Black Coffee, 200-400mg L-theanine, sometimes adding good fats like little spoon of butter):

It takes the edge of the caffeine’s bad symptoms:
  • Less caffeine induced anxiety
  • Less caffeine induced shaking
  • Lessen the caffeine crash
And boosts the good effects:
  • More Productivity
  • Boost in Concentration
  • More Energy
  • Prolongs the duration of caffeine’s good effects

So as You Start taking the Action and go talk to people in attempt to Improve and Beat your Shyness, this supplement can greatly help you to become more talkative and relaxed in the situation. I hope I’ve hear about this one back then when I started my journey, it would have granted a good help back then.

I rarely nowadays drink my coffee without mixing it with theanine. Earlier I had L-theanine in capsule form, but then I bought it as a pure powder, which is much more cheaper and better than capsules in the long term.

L-theanine is natural amino acid, example Green Tea contains theanine.

Besides the good effects with caffeine, L-theanine has many good other effects, like:
  • Helps to get sleep
  • Lessens anxiety

The anxiety lessening effects can’t be compared example to alcohol where inhibitions drops dramatically.

L-theanine’s anxiety lessening effects are more like relaxed body and mind if you are very stressed. But I get most of theanine by mixing it with coffee, due the synergy effects.

#3 NAC (N-acetylcysteine) – Energy boost and mood lift

Mood Improvement, Please?

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) have it’s place at my Supplement Stack, as it’s one of these few supplements that actually works.

It’s a medication used to treat the paracetamol overdose, but I haven’t used it for that.

Originally I bought it because I read somewhere it can prevent a hangovers, as I’m always suffering a terrible hangovers.

It was true though, the NAC worked for that purpose.

By taking it few hours before I went to drink, I had less intense hangover the next day. It should not be taken though while drinking or on hangover, as it can be actually damaging liver at that point.

As I nowadays binge drink very rarely, I don’t use NAC for preventing the hangovers.

There were other nice benefits I realized:
  • Higher energy levels. I’m usually exhausted, but after taking a NAC I realized a huge improvement in energy levels. I’ve tried a lot of supplements and I can see immediately which supplements works and which won’t. NAC worked for me wonders.
  • Depression/Anxiety supression. I got a nice mood and anti-depressive effects, being more talkative and productive.

As I’m not a doctor nor nutritionist, I don’t know exactly what’s the mechanism behind NAC’s antidepressive effects, but it’s has something to do with NAC’s increasing the Glutathione levels.

To not make this science article, you know these rare occasions when hangovers are good.

A creative hangovers. When the hangovers actually improves your mood.

The alcohol consumption unbalances the glutathione levels, and this cause sometimes these nice creative hangovers (Which I get way too rarely).

That’s probably the science behind the NAC’s anti-depressive effects. Or cleaning the toxics off liver.

Anyway, NAC is a great supplement with great anti-depressive effects along higher energy levels. One of the very few supplements I approve and have in my supplement-stack.

For Beating the Shyness, NAC can help you with the mood and energy levels to make you more motivated and talkative around people.

You can get My Favorite Brand And High Quality NAC from Here Amazon.

#4 Mucuna Pruriens – Actually a legit Testosterone Booster

When it comes to natural testosterone boosters, most of them are bullshit and won’t work.

Mucuna Pruriens is not like that. It’s actually one of the rare supplements that boosts testosterone levels.

When I first time tried this supplement, I noticed immediately harder lifts in gym. Wasn’t sure either it was placebo or not, but I experimented again. And again. The lifts were hard on every gym session.

And it was official for me. I realized that I had finally found a testosterone booster that actually works.

I don’t write a long science article about this, but quick information if you are not aware what Mucuna Pruriens is.

It’s a bean. A miracle bean that contains all kinds of ingredients, like serotonin and nicotine, but the most important ingredient: L-Dopa.

L-Dopa raises dopamine levels. And high dopamine levels raises testosterone levels.

The positive effects I had with Mucuna Pruriens:
  • Harder lifts at the gym.
  • Higher energy levels.
  • Better concentration.
  • More productive.
  • Male performance boosting effects.

Besides these effects, I realized a more thicker beard growth after starting using Mucuna.

This supplement should be used in moderation though, as a longterm use may downregulate the dopamine receptors.

Helps to burn Fat too

For losing fat, this supplement is great too. When I’m on cutting phase, I take Mucuna Pruriens at the morning with coffee (They synergy) on empty stomach and go for walk/jogging. A very good way to burn fat. Not going to make this fat loss guide, but adding that method on my cutting routine, I got most low bodyfat% and ripped abs I ever had.

I should start that routine again, I have gained some belly fat nowadays.

From my experience, this is an excellent supplement (Maybe best I’ve tried) for boosting an athletic performance besides other positive effects. Either for gaining muscle or losing fat.

I remember reading it should be taken with Green Tea extract to get best benefits, but I’ve experimented with and without, realizing no difference.

As there were reports of Green Tea extract causing liver damage, I stopped immediately using these and throw my Green Tea capsules to trash.

From my experience there is no need for them to boost the effects of L-Dopa (Helping dopamine to cross the blood brain barrier).

Mucuna Pruriens alone is a great supplement, either for gym or in the bedroom.

Or if you are about to go talk with people, you can feel the Testosterone and the inner Confidence Boost. Testosterone makes you believe a lot more in yourself, this leading to better interaction with people and that leading to Snowball Effect to Beat the Shyness…

#5 Maca ~ Estrogen Destroyer, Testosterone Lover

Maca powder is also an natural plant and it hasn’t negative side effects. Besides it effects of dramatically raising a libido, it is known of it’s hormone balancing effects. In women who are low on estrogen it will raise their estrogen levels and lower testosterone, and on men the opposite; lower estrogen and raise testosterone. It won’t directly boost testosterone above your natural levels, but if you have lowered testosterone levels due to some medicine it should do the trick.

My personal experience of this is great. I had eaten painkillers on past due to injury for a long period, and they affected on my libido and testosterone levels. Maca worked on this, got my libido back while on them.

Also maca have a great anti depressive and -anxiety effects. It has some great effects like:

  • Great libido boost
  • Improves mood and decreases anxiety and depression
  • Increased energy
  • Increased performance on physical exercises

Also Maca taste is not good, and it’s hard to ingest just like that on spoon, so it’s easier to mix it with example with water or yogurt.

So here’s the Summary of My Stack which not only boost performance, but also Help to Beat the Shyness:
  • Rhodiola Rosea (Energy, Anxiety, Testosterone)
  • Mucuna Pruriens (Testosterone, Male Performance)
  • NAC (Mood lift, Preventing Hangovers). Read my more detailed
  • Maca (Testosterone, Male Performance) Read my more detailed
  • L-Theanine (Anxiety relieve, concentration boost)
  • (And Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin D,B,C. Overall good for health)

Breaking the comfort zone. The Most Important thing to when you are going to Beat The Shyness.

The program I already linked above. If you are inexperienced, I recommend to do these drills, even they sounds ridiculous. They work. And helps you to get the real life experience that is the most important thing. The goal of these drills is to put you in uncomfortable situations until you feel comfortable about talking with women, finally becoming a very confident on it naturally.

This list of sources may continue.

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