How to Become Good Looking

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Below is a step by step guide to boost your looks and attractiveness dramatically. Guide to become Good Looking.

If you haven’t yet checked Styling Guide, read it here. By combining This guide and good style will make wonders for your Success with women.

What is the Key for Good Looks?

Shortly: bodyfat below 10%, stubble/beard and tan is a killer combo.

Besides these, I’ll tell you in this article many other ways to boost your looks!

Low bodyfat %

Ripped Abs are Sexy. Low Bodyfat% is key to become good looking

Cutting body fat down to 10% or less is best thing you can do to make yourself better looking. Only after you have reached it this down, you can really see your real potential and the flaws you are missing that you can fix later.

To not make this too long, as I have a very detailed routine how you can get below 10% bodyfat percentage without fasting or other trendy methods. It’s old school way, check it out here.

How to get Rid of the Bloated Face – Important aspect to Become Good Looking

Facial bloating is a one thing that certainly can make a huge difference between your attractiveness. A bloated face causes more feminine face and hides many attractive masculine qualities, like cheek bones, sharp jaw line.

Causes for bloating can be many, but in this post I’m gonna write down a list of things that can help to get rid of that irritating facial fat and make you more attractive.

Low Bodyfat %

This is common sense:

The less fat you got in your body, the less fat you have in your face.

The less fat you have in face, the more sharpen Jaw Line and other aesthetically good looking things will appear.

Even I have had a very low bodyfat% (sub8), I still used to have a bloated face sometimes. So here are more some tricks to get it more aesthetic:

Lowering stress and cortisol levels

This has a huge impact on your Face bloating.

A stress and increased cortisol levels causes bloating in face, so you need to get those cortisol levels down to become good looking.

Having no stress mindset is awesome to have, I used to have a times when I really didn’t stress about anything, but I lost the touch at some point and haven’t yet get back there. Will try though.

I used to have a complete “I don’t give a f@#k” attitude (Guide to acquire IDGF attitude)

Every single pressures that our modern society forces us, I really didn’t care. Got myself mentally free off all of them, like ”you should do this and you should do that”. Not stress about anything, things will work out in the end. Stressing is pointless, it will not make any difference what will happen in the end. By giving up stressing will make you a f@#king happy. That what I’m aiming again after losing the mindset overtime.

Anyway, there are also some supplements that will reduce stress and increased cortisol levels. One important thing is to stop using caffeine. I know that hard as f@#!. But in the end will make you happier. Your adrenal glands will thank you.


If you have not read about My Supplement Stack, check it here. It’s a list of legit supplements and completely bullshit ones that won’t work.

High doses of Vitamin C

High doses of vitamin c will decrease cortisol levels. It’s water soluble, so it will get out of your body while peeing. Too much can cause kidney stones though, but using a 1000mg a day should be fine. This is not medical advice though.

Rhodiola Rosea

This miracle herb is a real cortisol destroyer. While on this, my stress levels drop 100x. I just don’t literally stress about anything anymore. Not to say about it’s antidepressant effects, testosterone boosting effects and overall energy boosting effects. A very good stuff.

After I heard about this stuff, I wanted to get this stuff right away. So I got some.

It took a few days to kick in full effects, but I got some mood stabilizer on the first day, placebo or not.

When the effects finally kicked in, I was amazed. I was more talkative, more confident, had more energy, less anxiety. This became immediately my favorite supplement.

The effects of Rhodiola are cumulative, meaning it need to be taken a few days to week to fully feel the effects.

Some of the positive effects Rhodiola have:

  • Destroy cortisol levels, meaning less stress

  • Boost serotonin levels and help with depression

  • Lessens anxiety

  • Fight against fatigue and boosts energy levels

  • Boost testosterone levels naturally

  • Helps to last longer in bed 

With those 2 supplements along stopping caffeine you can dramatically lower your cortisol levels and via that get less bloated face. Win-win situation, more energy and happier, yet more attractive face.

Get my Favorite Brand and High Quality Rhodiola from Amazon here

Decreased salt intake

Too much salt and face will go balloon. Decrease your salt intake if you are taking it a lot, and see if you can get more sharped face. Salt is also unhealthy so there is no any good things that comes along it. More healthy and less bloating.

More water intake

Dehydration causes a bloated face. You should drink a good amount of water during day and avoid dehydration, this way you can get less bloating.


This is a easy and quick way to get rid of some facial bloating. It will also do good for your skin and detox your body off toxics. Remember to drink water though, so you will not get dehydrated!

Beard/Stubble. Makeup for Men and easy way to Become Good Looking?

Combining a low bodyfat % and stubble is killer combination. Ice the cake with tan and the stares from women increase exponentially.

This Holy Triangle is key to Become Good Looking.

If you haven’t yet tried picking up women with beard, I highly recommend to give it a try. With my own experience, the difference is like between day and night.

After I grew a thick stubble, my success ratio with women skyrocketed. There was no way back after this.

Beard is like makeup for men. It’s a sign of masculinity. For some men it can dramatically boost an attractiveness and turn them good looking.

How to get thicker Beard?

After I noticed the difference between clean shaved and beard, I wanted to get thicker beard. I tried few methods, and here are some of them I recognized after experiments:

-Mucuna Pruriens (Testosterone booster). Not sure if placebo or not, but besides getting good boost on training at gym, I started noticing some new hairs growing on my cheek on short period of time(one week periods max, then take a break and again cycling max week). I think this will definitely make a beard thicker.

-Honey on patches (Wont work). I read that applying honey to patches would make facial hair growth, and tried it for few months, but didn’t notice difference, so I stopped it. Myth.

-Minoxidil (Haven’t tried). I’ve been many times attempted to buy and try this to get fuller beard, but never did as I’ve was scared of the side effects. There are reports of people saying they have had permanent beard gains with this. But minoxidil have known to have aging effects and causing wrinkles.

So growing a beard for a looks reasons, there need to deliberate cons and pros. Getting a beard will increase looks, but getting pre-aging and wrinkles would decrease it, so I wouldn’t do this method, even it would be effective. Two-edged sword.

Tan. Third Key for Good Looks

This is a double-edged sword too. Tan will surely make you more attractive, but it has it’s downside. It will age your skin faster. I used to tan a lot, but at one point I realized that tan is temporary, aged skin is permanent. So I stopped it.

 I’ve never used medications though. Like melanotan 2, which will help you to get tan all year around. It can also have side-effects, like growing moles around body. So not worth it again, if you stop the medication, tan will fade but moles can stay.

How to get better tan naturally?

Eat a lot of carrots!

They are full of Beta-Carotene. This antioxidant helps you to get easier tan, maintain it prolonged time, and minimizes the risk of sunburn.

Skin Care. Another Important Step to Become Good Looking

Nofap/ don’t over masturbate. Every time I go nofap, I see huge improvement in skin after a week. Maybe this is the reason why nofap is said to get you more women?

Cold showers. Freezing, cold showers makes also a great improvement in skin. Chances can be seen in few days.

Zinc. Vitamin C. Both supplements for getting better skin.

What I’ve noticed when using skin clear products, is on the use they will remove the pimples. Then the pimples will come back much worse. A bigger.

I made an experiment about not using these products. What I noticed, was that pimples became first more bigger than they used to be, then after few weeks of free of these products, the pimples disappeared. Try to take a break of these products if you are troubling with pimples, and see if you found a cure for clearer skin. I think these products are just big business and make people dependent on them, as they will make pimples worse if you go off.

Hairstyle. What is most “Attractive”?

You should not take hairstyle that’s a fashion trend. Talk with your bartender, and ask if she/he will make a hairstyle that suits for your head shape. They are good at this and know very well about what kind of unique hairstyle is suiting you.

If you have receding hairline and you are balding, I would say to shave it all and get buzz cut.

Finasteride for Preventing Hair Loss?

If you are thinking about jumping on balding medications like Propecia, you can read my experience with finasteride here.

I highly don’t recommend using it.

Side effects are just not worth it.


Piercings and tattoos add some sex appeal. I’m not saying you should take a tattoo just for getting girls, but if you have already planned on taking tattoo, this is one more reason to add in it.

I prefer niche and not mainstream tattoos, so you add some mystery and unique on you persona. Tattoos are also good topic to talk about with girls.

Piercings also give you a vibe of outgoing guy. Both of these body arts are like status booster, people who go out a lot and have huge social circles, have usually either tattoos or piercings, or both.

Taking care of Teeth

Taking care of your Teeth is very important when you want to become good looking or maintain your looks.

The bad thing about making a perfect teeth is that it’s expensive as f@#k. Cost easily up to ten grands if you go on surgery.

The last time I visited on dentist, I realized I was grinding my teeth while sleeping. On the long term it’ll cause a lot of damage to teeth.

I couldn’t afford for the dentist’s making me teeth guard, so I had to buy the one you can customize at home.

This is where the quality is important, so I didn’t save money on these, and bought a good teeth guards.

It was a good investment to buy these, and on long term pays back when I don’t have to go repair damage caused by grinding.

I don’t know about those cheap ones teeth guards, but these high quality can be shaped again and again, so they fit your teeth.

They don’t neither disturb my sleep.

If you are suffering the same as me, the teeth grinding, I recommend to take care of it as soon as possible.

I used to have teeth whitening tooth paste, but I got some allergic reaction with it, so I stopped using it.

Having white teeth is easy and cheap way to get little bonus on your looks.

Vitamin K2. Better Teeth and Height Growth?

Other way to get more whitened teeth is taking a certain vitamins, like Vitamin k2 (mk-77). Taking this daily and eating a lot of broccoli and kale, while reducing drinking coffee I noticed a great improvement in teeth.

Vitamin k2 (mk-77) is very nice supplement. Besides lots of health benefits, it might boost height growth even after puberty.

You can get High Quality Vitamin k2 from Amazon.

Bigger Neck? Ugly or Good Looking?

The thicker neck adds makes you more masculine and grants more sex appeal.

And the more sex appeal, the more good looking you become.

It’s easy to train neck at home, you can do it even with your own body weight. I’ll later probably make a video or pictures of these workouts, but for now I’m trying to explain if it makes any sense:

  1. Workout

Go lay on floor. Start warming up by raising your head up and down. Do this like 50 reps. Then rotate your head from side to side. Again 50x times. Now you can carefully add some weights to get little more resistance. Start with low if you haven’t done it before, like 2kg.

You can always put more weight, but if you start with high, you can easily f@#k yourself up. Now do the same as on the first warm up exercise, put towel on your forehead, weight on it and start slowly raise/lower your head. 10-20 reps are good to build the muscles.

2. Workout

Like push ups, but put your forehead on the ground and start rolling it again in front and back. You can either assists with your hands, or put your legs crossed so there is not as much weight on your neck. When you get progress, you can do them without hands or legs crossed.

Caution: Do not over train neck, as there are reports neck training causing a sleep apnea.

Widen Your shoulders. V-taper IS very good looking…

What’s more sexy than v-taper?

V-taper is a pussy wetter. To get this, you should not only workout shoulders and back, but also start going to swim regularly.

Also remember to Check this Very Effective Routine to Achieve V-Taper.

It’s very good and effective way to build a sexy V-taper.

When you look at swimmers, they always have a wide shoulders and v-taper.

Also, lowering your body fat % will make the V-taper appear more.

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