How to get Friendzoned

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Here are a few fail stories of mine and how I ended up into Friendzone when I was too inexperienced with girls.

Don’t follow my mistakes. Do the exact opposite what I did in these stories:

Story #1 I’m the walking wallet

The very first girl for me who I got a date after getting her phone number. Of course I was needy as f#ck over her, as she showed an interest to spent time with me.

I did so many mistakes I can’t even count.

Firstly, I gave her to decide for first date and we went to a f#cking Nightclub. Not a chill pub, but loudly nightclub where you can barely talk. She also took her friend (girl) with her, maybe to rate an approve me. Second mistake.

From the very first minute she was bitchy on me, while I tried to be friendly for both of them. I paid some drinks for them (Third mistake), and when I went to toilet, they had left the nightclub. She texted on me that they are on the toilet, so I waited for 30 minutes until I realized what happened.

This embarassing first date taught me a very important lessons:

  • Never have a first date on the f#cking Nightclub.
  • Never have her cockblocking friend with her on the first date.
  • Never pay drinks but yourself.
  • Never be too needy over a one girl. (Which I didn’t learn though a long time)

Story #2 Too much texting = Friendzone

The next girl after the first story. I had now learned how to get phone numbers and turn them to dates, but I had no idea what next. I learned though the lessons above and not to make same mistakes again.

So it was now a coffee date. A quiet environvent where we could have a conversation, and not any of her friends with her to test me.

The date went well. She was really into me. I could probably got laid on that day if I would just had balls to ask for it.

We made out at end of the date and I was having constant dopamine rush while going back to home.

Then the downhill started.

I became paranoid that I need remind her about my existense, so I started to texting her almost immediately (Mistake).

First the texting was fine. She was replying well, and not with one word replies.

But I overdone it. I became too needy and texted too much.

At that point it would have been okay to text a few messages and set up the next date. But I talked some useless shit and became too needy, by answering her messages immediately while it took her to answer a bit longer.

The second date never came and she flaked.

Lessons to learn:

  • Don’t start text spamming after the first date. The best is if you just set up the next date, so there won’t be misunderstandings on texting some random stuff.

Story #3 – Take the action and find out if she’s into you

This story takes a place a little bit longer than the 2 previous ones. I had already learned from the mistakes from the past, and wasn’t so needy for texting.

I went a many dates with this girl. We had fun all these dates. We were teasing each other and flirting all the time.

But we didn’t have had sex. Although we already had been on 5-6 dates with different fun activities.

Maybe I got into the friendzone from the beginning with. Or she had a very high standards and was testing if I’m boyfriend material for her.

Anyway, I should have taken the action on at least on the #3 date and go for it. Instead I was paranoid she would flake on me if I ask for the sex. I should had played it with ’idgf’ attitude.

Finally I almost spent a month with her, not sex and getting into friendzone.

Lesson I learned. If the things looks like they aren’t going into bedroom until the #3 date, think about if they are ever going there. At least if there haven’t been sex on the fifth date, it’s most likely friendzone.

So don’t spent your precious time if she’s just playing with you. Trust your instincts if you have doubts she’s not interested in you. This way you can politely leave her and go for next one.

Lessons learned

Right now I can’t remember any other story I got friendzoned, where there would be new lessons. I got few times along these stories, but nothing new mistakes.

After the third story I grew some backbone and never got friendzoned again. I learned to read if I’m going to be in friendzone, and would leave immediately politely. This is actually way to get her interest back, but will not always work.

The point of this post was, don’t follow my mistakes. If you are inexperienced, you’ll save a lot of time and stress if you avoid what I did.

In time you will too learn to read either she is into you or not, and this ability is very important.

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