How to get Ripped Abs and Bodyfat below 10% ?


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Two of my favorite exercises for acquiring Ripped Abs at Home.

Are you Ready to learn How to get Ripped Abs?

Sixpack is sexy. There is no doubt.

Not only it’s alone really attractive, but low bodyfat % can boost your attractiveness dramatically, like I told in this guide: How to Become Good Looking?

I always wanted to get these ripped abs, but it took me a long time to figure out how to. I did a lot of different abs exercises at the gym, but I didn’t never got a visible Sixpack.

After many attempts and different routines I finally managed to acquire the ripped abs.


And the pattern was very simple: Lose the bodyfat percentage.

You know these very skinny guys who never went to gym, but when they take their shirt off, they have a visible abs. Even they probably have none muscles in there.

Then there are powerlifters. They have sometimes a very high fat percentage. They don’t have sixpack if they take off their shirt. Behind these fat layers would be an incredible abdominal muscles.

It’s that simple. If you just cut your bodyfat below 12%, you will have an visible sixpack.

To make it more sexy and hot with some muscles, we go later in this post to some good exercises that builds a whole core of the abs. Even the lower ones, that are the hardest one’s to get visible and train.

Don’t forget to hit the gym while cutting your bodyfat%, so you don’t lose your hardly gained muscles! Lift hard weights to retain the strength.

How to lose bodyfat below 10%

Simple math: Eat less than you consume.

For an average guy, the daily caloric intake is somewhere around 2500-3000 calories.

How to get Ripped Abs
Old picture of my cutting progress when I was near to cross the 10% plateau

To not make this too complicated and calculating the micro calories, let’s go straight to the point.

Your daily caloric intake should be below 2000 calories. If you are already around 15% bodyfat, you should drop the calorie intake in the 1500-1700 range.

What’s a good meal plan for losing fat?

Some will say that you should eat 2-3 meals a day to lose the fat. Other will say to eat 6 meals a day.

From my experience, it doesn’t matter how many meals you eat.

It’s about how many calories you eat.

I acquired 8% bodyfat by eating 6 meals a day.

There are no magical foods that burn the fat. Basic food is more than good.

Protein, Carbs or Fat?

High protein/ low carb/ high fat diet is best from my experience.

The good fats you get from the food, example from the eggs, are not the same thing as your bodyfat.

Your body needs those goods fats to function.

If you don’t get enough fat from your diet, your body will start to retain your bodyfat. And your body will burn the muscles as it needs a fuel to function. Your body thinks the muscles aren’t as important as your fat, so the muscles will go first. There will burn some bodyfat too, but mostly muscles. So get enough good fats!

Good sources for good fats:

  • Eggs
  • Steaks
  • Butter
  • Olive oil
  • Nuts

Eggs are probably the best food. They contain a lot of protein, besides containing a lot of good fats.

6 eggs contain about 500 calories, with 40 grams of protein and 30 grams of fat.

1 spoon of olive oil contains about 100 calories and 10 grams of fat.

Your daily fat intake should be around 50% per 2.2lbs/1kg of your bodyweight.

Example your body weight is 177lbs/80kg. You should eat 177lbs/2.2/2 = about 40 grams of fat per day. In kilogram it’s 80kg/2 = 40 grams.

Carbs bad?

When your goal is to lose the bodyfat, yes.

Carbs are the first things your body uses as fuel.

Again, it doesn’t matter if you are below your caloric intake.

If you are eating 1500 calories and most of them are carbs, you will still lose a fat.

You will lose muscles too.

That’s why protein is more important than carbs on the cutting.

The carbs are filling your calorie intake you could use for protein or fat.

Protein and fat are what your body needs to function a lot more than carbs.

So avoid carbs.

Some foods with lot of carbs:

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Yogurt

Protein and carbs have a 4 calories per gram. Fat has 9 calories.

We come to the conclusion how your diet should be per day:

40-50% protein/ 10-20% carbs/ 40-50% fat.


50% protein/ 10% carbs/ 40% fat.

Let’s say your calorie intake is 1700.

Protein to prevent the muscle loss

To not lose your hardly gained muscles, you need enough protein and lift the weights to minimize the muscle loss.

You will lose some muscle when you cut bodyfat, unfortunately.

We want to minimize the muscle loss and maximize the fat burning.

So the key is high protein and fat intake.

The protein intake should be around 0.7-0.8 grams per lbs or 1.5-2grams per kg of your bodyfat.

Example again 177lbs/80kg:

177lbs*0.7 = 124 grams of protein. 80kg*1.5 = 120grams of protein.

Too much protein isn’t good either. It will only be stored as fat and may damage kidneys or liver.

Your muscles need protein for growing. So they need protein to be maintained.

The first time I did fat loss routine, I made the mistake of eating too much carbs instead of protein and fat.

I lost a lot of muscle gains and the fat loss phase was slow.

The next time I did what I recommended, the high protein/fat, and I maintained a lot of muscles, finally acquiring a sexy sixpack with big arms.

How to get Ripped Abs part 2
Another Photo of my cutting phase.

So how the f@#k should the diet be?

Here’s an example around 1500 calories diet plan with 3 meals per day. It’s protein and fat rich.

This diet plan doesn’t have accurate nutrition content. They are around that.

Meal 1 6 eggs: 500 calories / 40 grams of protein / 30 grams of fat / 3 grams of carbs.

Meal 2 1 spoon of olive oil: 100 calories / 10 grams of fat

200grams of chicken breast: 300 calories/ 55 grams protein/ 6 grams of fat.

Meal 3 100grams of peanuts: 600 calories /25 grams of protein/ 20 grams of carbs/ 45grams of fat

Total: 1500 calories, 120 grams of protein, 23 grams of carbs and 90 grams of fat.

By eating 6 eggs and 100 grams of nuts is enough for the daily fat intake. Olive oil is just extra calories to fill the 1500.

Or you could eat 5 meals like this. Its more high protein/ high carb/ low fat, but having almost same calories:

Meal 1: 3 eggs 250 calories / 20 grams of protein / 15 grams of fat / 1.5 grams of carbs

Meal 2:

  • 1 spoon of olive oil: 100 calories / 10 grams of fat
  • 1 Big Banana 100 calories / 25g carbs / 1g protein
  • 40 grams of Whey protein 150 calories / 30 g protein / 3g fat / 1.6g carbs

Total of meal 2: 350 calories / 30g protein / 26.5g carbs / 13g fat

Meal 3:

  • 100 grams of chicken breast: 150 calories/ 27.5 grams protein/ 3 grams of fat.
  • 1 dl or 0.02 gallons of rice: 280 calories / 5g protein / 58g carbs / 1.5g fat

Total meal 3: 430 calories / 32.5g protein / 58g carbs / 4.5g fat

Meal 4: Same as meal 2

Meal 5: 30 grams of nuts: 200 calories / 8 grams of protein/ 7 grams of carbs/ 15 grams of fat

Total nutrition of day:

1580 calories / 120g of protein / 119.5g carbs / 60.5g fats

What about vegetables and fruits?

Vegetables and fruits are important for sure. They have a rich nutrition of important vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables are what you can eat almost as much as you want. They barely contain any calories.

Fruits are the one’s you should eat carefully.

They are healthy, but they also contain a lot of sugars (Not the bad ones) and carbs. It can be a surprise how much they can fill your caloric intake.

Example watermelon. As good as it tastes and is good for male performance, unfortunately it contains a lot of calories.

Or bananas. They contains surprisingly much calories. One big banana can contain around 90 calories.

Eat a lot of vegetables. And carefully fruits.

Boosting metabolism to burn fat faster

When you are cutting fat and you are caloric deficit long enough, your metabolism will slow down.

This is what you don’t want.

And that’s why you should not be too caloric deficit, like 1000 calories a day. You will first lose weight a fast that way, but then your metabolism will get destroyed. It needs food to function.

-500 calories of your daily caloric requirement is good, until you hit the 10% bodyfat.

You can and should have a one cheat day a week or two to get your metabolism working again properly.

One Cheat Day a Week is Good!

These days you are allowed to eat Junkfood. You can eat snacks. You can eat ice cream. Just don’t overdo it, like eat 10000 calories on your cheat day.

Supplements to boost metabolism:

  • Coffee. Nothing more to say about this. Drink in moderation, not 10 cups a day.
  • Mucuna Pruriens. It has a nice synergy with coffee and boosts your natural testosterone levels besides boosting your metabolism.

Mucuna Pruriens is natural plant with lots of great effects, like:

  • Actually raises Testosterone Levels, unlike many other Supplements that are sold as “Testosterone Booster”. Mucuna Pruriens is Legit.
  • When taken before Gym, You will get Extra Strength boost and higher Weights and Energy
  • Boosts dramatically libido and male performance.
  • Enhances Productivity and Mental Clarity
  • Much Higher Energy Levels

Mucuna Pruriens is one of my favorite supplements (from them few) and is really great booster for working out!

Get some High Quality Mucuna Pruriens to Boost Your workouts from Amazon here.

Other ways to burn fat faster

Walking. Even it sounds like too easy exercise with no intense, the walking is one of the best exercises when you want to burn fat.

Many people think jogging would burn fat. It won’t. It’s too intense. The jogging uses first glucose your body have stored instead of fat. That’s because your body thinks you are in the danger due the adrenaline the intense training produces. Your body wants to save your fat storages to survive and use those glucose stores first.

When you are walking, it’s opposite. The intense isn’t high. Your body uses the fat as fuel now. But it needs to be done on empty stomach. If you have just ate, the body uses the food as fuel. When there isn’t any food to use, the fat comes next.

Best time to do the walking is right after you wake up on the morning. Drink a cup of coffee or take a caffeine pills with Mucuna Pruriens and go take a walk. Not only this will boost your metabolism and burn your fat, but it’ll also wake you up for the day.

Take a cold shower after the walk. It’ll too boost your metabolism a little bit. After this you can eat the first meal.

Alcohol while cutting fat?

Big NO. Alcohol and cutting bodyfat don’t fit in the same world. If you want to get below 10% bodyfat, you need to sacrifice the consumption of the alcohol.

It’s best choice you will make and will reward you later, even if it’s first feels hard.

Road below to 10%

The less your bodyfat% is, the less you need food. And it becomes harder to lose the fat when you are around 10%.

The fat will not burn all over the body. Depending on your genes, it can first diminish in the arms, then upper body, then on the face. And lastly, the hardest one, the belly fat.

How to get rid of the Belly Fat?

This is the last stage of the fat burning phase. The fat will burn first all over your body before the belly fat is going to burn. You just need to have a patience. The day your belly fat will slowly diminish will come. And I can tell you it’s a very good feeling when you finally see it’s diminishing.

When you are starting to see your belly fat is disappearing, you are on the winning side. You are near in the goal.

It will burn pretty fast after you get into this point. And you will acquire visible abs. The sixpack.

Exercises to build Hot, Sexy Ripped Abs

You can do these exercises at the home, and they are much better than using machines on the gym.

Only good exercises at the gym for abs are deadlifts or squads. Other exercises for abs you can easily do at the home.

All you need, is an exercise mat. These exercises can be done on the floor though, but the mat will make it more comfortable and prevents you to strain joints like knees.


Easy to do, intense too. These will get a good burn on your abs. Do 3-5 sets of these as much as you can. To get little extra burning, do a less intense exercise, Half Situps right after you finish a one set of Jackknifes.

Leg raises while laying down

These hits your lower abs. They are not so intense, but great workout. If you want to get strain on your flanks, you can fall and raise your legs to sides.

Power wheel

This is the best exercise for abs. And probably only one that’s required (Even I like to do other exercises besides this). It hits hard the whole abdominal area. And you can feel it days after doing this.

It’s also a good exercise because you can set the intense. Beginners can be on their knees, while advanced guys can do this on the push up position.

If you like exercising at home, I highly recommend to get Power Wheel. You can get a good Power Wheel I prefer for training abs at home from Amazon:

Put your knees on the exercise mat, so you don’t strain them and you can have a comfortable position to get most out of this exercise.

Do 3 sets, with 6-10 reps.


This static training will hit the whole abdominal area. It’s very easy exercise to do, as you just need to be on that same position like a statue. Just remember to not let your butt go too high.

You can do this exercise daily. Have a goal to stay in the position for 5 minutes. Start slow, like 30 seconds or 1 minute, and build your way up there with new plateaus, like 1 more minute with every new plateau first. And when it comes harder, go for 30 seconds:

  •  1 minute. When you can do this easily, have goal for next plateau:
  • 2 minutes.
  • 3 minutes
  • 3 minutes 30 seconds
  • 4 minutes
  • 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • 5 minutes.

If you can get full 5 minutes, you are tough guy. It’s a long time to be at plank.


These are hardcore. The Bruce Lee’s favorite ab exercises. He knew how to train, as he’s chest workout is a great.

They are almost like leg raises on the floor, but this time you don’t only raise your legs, but your whole body! If you can do even 1 of them, you are tough.

These exercises can’t be done only at the floor, but you need something to grip for.

Try to do them, you will see they are a badass workout. If you do them on the gym, you will get looks by other people.

What about basic situps?

Basic situps are good for time to time for getting new hit to muscle when your body get used to the routine.

Situps mainly hits the upper abs of the body, but good thing about them is that you can easily add more weight so you get 6-10 reps. Just put the weight behind your head and test what is best weight for you, then go with it and build your strength up from there.

They can strain though your lower back, so they should be done in moderation.


The most important thing to get your sixpack is to cut your bodyfat down to 10 %. Not only you will get a sexy sixpack you can show off on the dancefloor, but your face will also become better looking.

Remember to hit the gym and do those ab exercises to build rock hard abs that will make girls drop their jaws when they see them.

Even you need to sacrifice a lot for getting there, I promise to you, it will be really worth it. And much more.


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