iPhone as a Status Symbol – Attractive for Women?

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Are Women more attracted to guys with iPhones?

I’ll tell my experience and surveillance soon about that.

But first I need to tell why this idea to write a post about this came to my mind:

I almost Broke My iPhone, but saved it in the last Second…

I just dropped my iPhone to toilet while reading news. Fortunately I had waterproof shelter and didn’t broke my phone.

This got me thinking how many phones I have broken in the past.

And that got me thinking even more deep, is there are a correlation what phone own and success with women?

Are Women more attracted to guys with iPhones or not?
Does Owning an iPhone gets You more Women?

Status = Attractive = Get Laid?

My friend always recommend me to get an iPhone. He said it’s status thing. All the women have iPhones. All the higher class guys have iPhones. I wasn’t so sure about that.

I already had loved my past phone, the samsung. But I broke it, I gave a change to iPhone.

And I fell love with it. At that point I knew I wouldn’t get any other brand in future.

Not because of the ”Status” but because the phone just felt best I had owned so far.

Well, to the topic of the article, was there correlation between getting women?

Relation of Dating Success and Owning the iPhone?

It’s hard to say as it was the same time I was starting to get the real results and playing game on hardcode mod. I though got compliments that ”Nice, Iphone, I have too”. But that’s the same thing as I was getting compliments with my clock.

It’s good topic to have a conversation though. You can talk about it ages with her.

But I would say, not huge status boost. Maybe slightly, as it’s known to be higher class brand, but I was still broke as fuck myself and not rich kid. Could be different if I had more expensive clothes, few thousand valuable clock and latest iPhone. That would attract some gold diggers. But you don’t want them, right?

There is though other good things in iPhone, like Apps are working better without bugs. Tinder etc. Dating apps are working correctly, as I have heard there have been bugs in other brands. That’s one extra pro for iPhone.

Should You Buy iPhone just for getting Attractiveness Bonus?

If you don’t own iPhone, don’t change your phone just in attempt to get more pussy. Maybe get it as a next phone. The status boost won’t be huge when it comes to women, but phone is still great.

If you already own the iPhone, I highly recommend to get the shelter I have gotten. It just saved me a few hundred bucks for dropping it in the toilet. Also it have saved my phone in multiple cases.

The shelter is called Lifeproof.

It has many great features to keep your phone save, also you can tease playfully if see women you are picking up with broken screen on phone, that she’s should have gotten this.

Are Women more attracted to guys with iPhones?
Lifeproof is a lifesaver

The Lifeproof protects your iPhone from:

  • Dropping it in the water
  • From coldweather (Battery won’t die so long, I hated when iPhone’s battery died so long in cold)
  • Hit’s
  • Dirty and dust
  • Moisture

By far, the Lifeproof has been the best investment for me when it comes to phones. Without it, I would already broke my phone ten times. After the last time I broke my phone, I decided that fuck it, I need some protection. And fortunately found out about Lifeproof.

You can get your Lifeproof from Amazon and protect your iPhone from water, dust and dropping it into toilet seat.

Conclusion of the Experiment: Are Women more attracted to guys with iPhones?

From my experience, there isn’t a high status boost by owning an iPhone. Although I can recommend to get it as a next phone, if you never had one. It’s really nice phone.

But all the more “high class” items will slightly boost your status, like watches, jewelry, brand clothes. You can read my style: “Brad’s style to dress at bar/club for getting best results” for going to bars here if you already haven’t.

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