Natural Foods to Boost Male Performance Dramatically

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Looking for Natural cure to erectile dysfunction or boost Bedroom Performance?

Here’s a list of natural supplements and foods that greatly boosts a sex drive and helps to last longer in bed.


Not so tasty maybe, but very good veggie for overall health.  Also for male performance. Not sure if it’s the unique way to turn estrogen to testosterone, or it’s ingredient rich body, but after eating a broccoli you can see a huge boost in sex drive. Every time I had eaten it, the libido will be increased after few hours.

By containing a lot of vitamin C, vitamin k and minerals, this veggie is definitely a part of healthy diet. I always eat it as raw, because I’m scared the boiling will destroy these good vitamins and minerals.

Maca Powder ~ Natural Cure to SSRI Induced Erectile Dysfunction

This wonderful supplement has a great libido boosting effects. It’s used to fight against the SSRI-induced erectile dysfunction.

Maca balance hormones in both genders:

Women: if she has a high testosterone/estrogen ratio, the estrogen will be increased.

Men: the opposite, low testosterone/estrogen ratio and testosterone is increased.

Maca also greatly boosts energy levels. It should be taken as cycle, but I myself take if from time to time. Libido boosting effects can be seen in hours after taking it. Bad side-effects I have experienced were minor nausea and feeling of hot (body temperature raised?).

How to take it?

It can be taken straight from the bag with spoon, but I don’t recommend that way. It tastes bad and powders can easily end up in wrong way. I like myself to boil water and mix it in there, like tea. Tastes actually good. Sometimes I also mix it with yogurt, as yogurt hides the taste of Maca.

You can get good quality Organic Maca Powder from Amazon.


The form of bananas reminds the crotch of male.  Maybe it’s nature’s way to tell that these fruits are good for your sex drive! Bananas are rich of bromelain which have been shown to boost sex drive and reverse erectile dysfunction in male. Also heavy content of vitamin b have libido boosting effects.

Mucuna Pruriens

Velvet bean on it’s other name, Mucuna Pruriens is a bean that grows in Africa and tropical parts of Asia. It contains an amino acid called L-Dopa.

L-Dopa increases the dopamine levels by crossing the blood-brain-barrier. Higher dopamine levels boosts motivation, energy levels, mood, and libido.

Great boost in sex drive can be noticed after few hours of taking this supplement. I mean it’s real legit sh#t, you can get multiple rounds with your woman in a row.

Mucuna Pruriens is also one of the legit’s natural testosterone boosters. It will also boost beard growth from my experience.

You can get High Quality Mucuna Pruriens from Amazon Here.

Green tea

Even caffeine in high doses will decrease the libido, green tea doesn’t contain lot of caffeine, so the caffeine in it won’t affect the libido. 3-4 cups of greentea (depends how long the bag has sink in) has about same amount of caffeine as in one cup of coffee.

Green tea though contains lot of good ingredients, like l-theanine which has calming effects. Also libido boosting. Green tea contains catechin too, which increases blood flow.


Number 1# fruit to enhance male performance. It contains a lot of vitamin C and other good vitamins, but the most important ingredient it has, is Citrulline. By boosting a blood flow, citrulline gives you hard erections and make it easy to take a new round quickly after ejaculating. Not to mention that watermelon is delicious!

Circulation boosters

As mentioned on above, watermelon was an good libido booster food which contains citrulline. If you can’t eat watermelon in some reason, try to take the citrulline in pills. These will have the same effect: Blood flow is increased and erections are harder. Get them from Amazon here.

L-arginine is another amino acid that helps with blood circulations and grants better erections. It also helps with body-temperature, so if you are living in cold place, this can help on winter!


Nature’s own anti-depressant. Blueberries have unique ability to make body release more dopamine, and higher dopamine levels boost sex drive. They contains also a lot of antioxidants and improve circulation, so blood will flow down there.


Simple foods that should be added to diet, and some great supplements to add in stack. Many of them were also mentioned in testosterone boosting guide. Higher testosterone though boosts sex drive.