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On this Website You can find non-mainstream Player Tricks Dating advice and all the necessary information to:

  • Dramatically Boost Your Success with Women
  • Beat the Shyness and Social Anxiety
  • Become more Attractive and Working out Tips
  • Acquiring the Mindset of Success

Even if you have zero Experience with women, I will teach you the Dating Game from the very baby steps so you can get fulfilling Dating Life!

My name is Brad Shoc, 29 years old. I’m Self Learned Self-Help/Dating Coach with 10 years of experience. When I was younger, I was very, very shy and talking with girls was my worst nightmare. Then I made a change and turned my whole life for better.

I know how bad it feels to being overly shy and being ignored by girls. That’s why I originally wanted to start writing helpful stuff for the guys who are like I used to be.

If you are interested about my story from very shy and overly nice guy to outgoing, confident guy around women living the Player Lifestyle, read my story here. Lately I’ve been though wrote a whole new bigger diary of my past. Currently there are two Parts, but I was planning to write more:

Back to this website, you can find Articles like:

  • How to get successful first date (and sex on first date)
  • Get Laid under 15 minutes at Bar
  • How to retain her interest and keep her chasing you, in other words: How to get successful longterm relationship

To get started, I have listed helpful Articles by categories You can check out below:

I have an other website too: It was originally guide for going alone to bars and getting laid, but there are also more widen non-mainstream self-improvement articles.

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Player Tricks Dating Advice to Pickup Women at Bar/Club

Player Tricks Dating Advice to Pickup Women at Bar or Nightclub
Player Tricks Dating Advice to Pickup Women at Daytime like on Coffeeshop

What to do on Dates and how to keep her chasing you

Thoughts about Modern Dating Game

Motivation to start your Self-Improvement Journey

Anxiety Support And Help To Beat The Shyness

Fitness and Becoming Good Looking

I have also written books which includes non bullshit dating advice like mainstream dating advice is. I’m sharing my gems on that book about how to actually get laid like a Rock Star. How you can F@#k multiple new hot women weekly. Or if you are not interested about that hedonistic lifestyle, I’m giving the tools how you can find a high quality Girlfriend/Wife and good relationship (I’ve had goods, bad ones and excellent).

All the other products I tell you about in this site (Books, Supplements), I have personally tried myself and I don’t recommend to you anything I don’t believe in. I only recommend legit products here that have potential.

I want the best results for my readers and followers. Again, welcome to acquire knowledge of Player Tricks Dating Advice!

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