Why Mainstream Dating Advice sucks and why I'm against it.

As I’m saying I’m a Dating Coach, I really don’t like that term. Neither I like common Dating Advice, as Mainstream Dating advice Sucks a bad! I’m just a guy who was struggling with shyness and women, transforming to guy who got over the shyness and good with women after testing countless of ways to… Continue reading Why Mainstream Dating Advice sucks and why I'm against it.

How to get Friendzoned

Here are a few fail stories of mine and how I ended up into Friendzone when I was too inexperienced with girls. Don’t follow my mistakes. Do the exact opposite what I did in these stories:

How to get motivated to get your dating life together

Hopefully this post gets you motivated to either getting over the shyness, or getting your dating life together. If you have lost your interest to get women, or if you have no experience and you have no motivation to start your journey to get a good sex life, hopefully this post will get you started.

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50 Player Tricks & Tips for Better Dating success with Women

Alright guys, I’ll below is a list of short but effective Tips&Tricks you can apply to get better results with Women. List of Player Tricks to get Advantage on Dating Game. Besides these tips, take a read more advanced techniques to seduce her. 50 Player Tricks for Dating Success: