Preventing injuries

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Injuries sucks a bad.

You know the feeling when you have had a good streak on gym and you have trained like beast, then you get flu or damage your shoulder, forcing you to have a break from training.

It really f#cking sucks.

So I wanted to write an article about how to minimize the risk of possible injuries or getting sick.

Before exercising

Always, always have a proper warm up. Never go to bench press your mamize weights without doing proper warming up.

As I was younger and hungry for training, I many times skipped the warming part section, as it’s boring.

But’s it’s very essential part of the training.

It doesn’t mean 30 minutes in rowing machine which is boring as f#ck (It also don’t warm up all the parts of your body).

Just do all the body parts quickly without machine, expect on the legs you can go for the exercise bike or cross trainer.

Swirl your hands around to get your shoulder muscles to get ready for taraining. Swirl your wrists. Maybe take the stick and swirl with it your upper body. Swirl your neck also. These all can take just as less as few minutes. Then you can do few minutes of exercising bike.

What about strecthing?

Before workout, do not do longer than 15 seconds strecthes. If you do 2 minutes strecthes / muscle part, you are just doing damage. Save those longer streches for post-workout.

Start with light

When you start actually workout, start with light weights. Just don’t do some 100 reps sets, so you don’t get fatigued and instead of muscle training, you get stamina training.

I don’t mean doing the pyramid training, where you are upping the weights after every set. Just some light hit to muscles, so they are ready for hard workout.

It doesn’t need to take that longer. With that routine I have dodged the injuries for years, as in the past I was too greedy and passed the warming up part. And I got some injuries that held my back again, as I couldn’t go to gym again for a while

After workout?

At this point strecthing is good. You can do streches from anywhere 30 seconds to 2 minutes. After 2 minutes it can cause damage.

Stretching in itself is very healthy and should be done daily. I have my bad habit of not doing it daily. I should start…

Cold Shower

Anyway, when you get back to home, take a Cold Shower.

Not to mention about health benefits of cold showers, like:

  • Better skin
  • Testosterone Boosting
  • Energy Boost
  • Endorphine Rush
  • Improves your discipline when you are few minutes in freezing water, acquiring the iron will
  • Mood boost
  • Boost in blood flow
  • Boost in immune system

Besides these benefits, the cold showers also speed up the healing process and recovers faster your muscles. Also heals the possible minor injuries. There is no reason to NOT take cold showers. If you already don’t take them, start now.

Wheat bag

Very great invention.

After hard workout and cold shower, you can warm up wheat bag in the microwave and go chill in sofa and enjoy the warmness of the bag.

But it’s not only for enjoyment purposes only.

Not only it improves the recovering and feels very good, it has many health benefits.

Especially if you spent lot of time in computer, you are having neck pain from time to time. Wheat bag is really good to relieve and heal those locked neck muscles. It helps also headache caused by locked neck.

It can be used in any part of your body, but back and neck are the best places to put it on.

It can be also used as a cold pack for first aid in injuries.

Wheat bag can relieve already existing pain too.

Get Good Wheat Bag from Amazon.

When you get injured

Unfortunately these injuries happens sometimes. First thing is, stop immediately your workout or you can only worsen the injury. No any workout is so important to danger longer break from exercising.

Because of the endorphins and adrealine are hiding the pain, you are not probably realizing how bad the injury is only after few hours at home.

The First Aid

What you should do, is to get cold pack as soon as possible in injury. Also raise the injured part up so blood won’t flow there as much.

You can take some anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen to lessen the inflammation caused by the injury. This can speed up the healing process.

Let it rest a good. If the pain won’t go away in few days or is too intense, go see a doctor.

The injuries, even minor ones should always be taken serious and not strain the injured part unless you are 100% sure it’s 100% healed.

Never train the injured part if you are not sure about that, or you are just prolonging the workout break.

The injuries really sucks and the desire to get back to gym can be tremendous, but it does more harm than good.

Let your body rest so you can get earlier back in the game and do those hardcore workouts.

Preventing with workouts

Muscles prevent injuries. Therefore going to gym is way to prevent injuries from gym. But few important things:

  • Never workout with non-100% healed part. This will just prolong the recovering.
  • Never workout on flu. There is no benefits, only harms and can cause some serious complications, like Muocarditis which can be fatal.
  • Never workout too much, example everyday same muscle parts. You can easily get the ”Overtraining” symptoms that sends you back to vacation from gym. Your muscles needs a rest to grow.

Anyway, some muscle groups that are often skipped that supports other muscles and prevents them from injuries, are:

  • Wrists
  • Fingers
  • Lower back
  • Neck.

You know, the perfect aesthetic body with wide shoulders, v-taper, big arms and sixpack.

Many people train those big muscles, like lats, biceps, shoulders, but skip essential muscle groups like wrists. Wrists are very under the threat of injuries, and if you get your wrists injured, you can’t do anything with your hands. Same with finger injuries.

So if you don’t already train your wrists, start training them next time you go to gym. Or you can easily train them at home, harden them for not getting injured, check this post.

How to strengthen your fingers, forearms and wrists with great exerciser.

Fingers. There are those gripping training equipments on the marker, that not only strenghten your fingers, but also your wrists.

Usually they are those with two hafts you push together.

They aren’t bad, but I found something better. A lot better.

Very nice invention for strengthening your fingers, wrists and forearms.

This wins those normal grip trainers easily, as it strengthen your fingers much better because there is button for each finger. It’s also good if you are training climbing. This machine really builds you a hard grip, strong fingers (Good thing in dating life) and hardens your wrists. Also you are less likely to over train you wrists when you have already done those exercises. I highly recommend to get this one, you can watch Netflix at the same time and train your fingers/wrists.

You can get this great equipment from Amazon here.

Lower back. It’s not a aesthetic looking muscle part, but it’s not in your body without purpose. If you already are doing deadlifts, no worry, you are getting that part trained. If not, it’s time start deadlifts or other exercises to build this muscle part of your body. There are tons of videos in Youtube how to train your lower back with different variations.

Neck. Not only tight neck makes you more attractive and looks masculine, it’s good to have some neck muscles. I have already posted here the routine, check it up there.

Avoiding Cold

Flu sucks bad.

Even if it’s minor cold, you can’t still go training. As I said above, there is no benefits, and in the worst case exercising in flu can be fatal. But let’s not go there, let’s focus how to prevent the flu.

Here’s are few things to boost your immune system and prevent flu:

  • Cold Showers (As I mentioned in the beginning of the article)
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin-C (When you are feeling you are going get cold, taking high doses of Vitamin-C can shorten the time of the flu)
  • Vitamin-D
  • Avoiding overtraining. Over training lowers the immune system, making you more easily to get ill.
  • Black coffee. Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants, just make sure you drink organic coffee to get the best health benefits of coffee.

Besides these things, what I’ve found lately when I was last time on flu, was the supplement called NAC (Read my review here).

Before taking it back then, I googled about if I can take it while on flu. For my surprise, I found a lot of conversations where people did had great results with NAC healing their flu. It had something to do with NAC being antioxidant.

I also tried 2 days to take NAC with high doses of Vitamin C, and I was amazed. I had never healed so fast from the flu. The opinions from so many people weren’t wrong. Besides that good effect of NAC, it has many other goof health benefits, like:

Higher energy levels. After taking a NAC I realized a huge improvement in energy levels.

  • Depression/Anxiety supression. I got a nice mood and anti-depressive effects, being more talkative and productive.

Get my Favorite Brand and High Quality NAC from Amazon.


Injuries sucks ass and you want to prevent them at all cost. So remember to always do the proper warm up and train those supportive muscles that can easily be forgotten from the routine. And never train while sick!

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