The Power Trip of Living the Player Lifestyle

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First, I was almost crying myself to sleep after depressing masturbation of another lonely Saturday night…

Then I flipped the coin…

As you probably already know, my background story from kissless virgin to player (if not, read here), I now tell about the actual Player Lifestyle…

Like any other skill, seduction women became my priority #1 of skills to develop.

First, I f#cked one girl a week.

Then one turned into two.

Later two turned into multiple. Multiple turned into a mix of f#cking the hot women I had already had sex with, and they texted me for more, yet I was looking for more new women…

I felt like constantly coked up. I became addicted to that dopamine rush of constantly f#cking new hot women…

How I would say it, I was experiencing the “Power Trip”.

The Power of feeling validated by hot women…

The Power of rejecting women who wouldn’t even look at me when I was that insecure kid at High School…

The Power of experiencing something most men can only dream about…

Don’t get me wrong; I am not bragging; I am actually trying to teach you this same ability. And you are lucky if you have found my stuff and not stuck in the mainstream dating advice which is only counterproductive in the term of getting laid. I want to help you to achieve this same, and actually, if you need personal training, I can mentor you for your personal needs. Learn more here.

The Weekend of living Player Lifestyle

Back to this article, I tell an example day of the difference between my earlier life and the day of living the Player Lifestyle.

Weekend as Kissless Virgin:

I woke up, maybe went to gym ( I already had a solid body back then, read this article: “Why great body won’t automatically get you girls”). After the workout, I had no more plans. I opened the computer and started playing video games, maybe watched porn and was fapping.

I was feeling so down, I knew that this was the day when people went out to party and have fun, have sex. Or couples in relationship were having a romantic evening filled with sex (that what I thought would be the weekend when having a Girlfriend, as I never had one at the time).

Saturday was wasted by playing computer and ended up masturbating, which made me really depressed as I knew that people out there are having sex and I hadn’t even experienced a first kiss…

Weekend as a Player (True story, believe or not):

Waking up on Saturday is always a surprise. Maybe I wake up at home with a woman or two at my bed. Maybe I wake up in the bed on some hot girls apartment. Or maybe I haven’t even went slept yet, I might have already f#cked women at the bar’s toilet, or I have f#cked another girl, then left her apartment and went to the next one’s.

Anyway, whatever the waking up is, it’s already more than I had lived at my High School times…

Then I go maybe to the gym, depending on how I am feeling. Either I went or not, afterward, I might go shopping for new clothes. At the shopping center, I see I, hot women. I approach her, but she rejects me.

Well, whatever, at least I tried. I shop for some new clothes and realize another cute girl, I talk to her, and she replies positive way to my approach and flirts back (Check Complete Cold Approach Guide). We change numbers and decide to go for a beer later in the evening.

Back to home, the woman I f#cked earlier this week asks me to her place, but I have to decline as I have this another date.

So after a while, I meet this girl I met earlier at the shopping center, and we go to the Pub. The spark is on, and we left the Pub to her place (Check “How to get laid on the first date?“).

At her place, not long until we are already having sex. I f#ck her hard for two rounds. She wants more and asks me to stay there for a night. I say I can’t today, but some other day I can come. She’s already chasing me like I told in this article about “How to retain her interest after having sex first time“.

I go back home and relax a bit. Then I start planning either I would like to chill at the home or party more tonight. I choose the second option and start preparing for the bar.

At the bar, I make a few approaches, but I get rejected. Then again, the same formula as earlier repeats itself, I meet a woman who shows interest in me not long until I am f#cking her at the bar’s toilet. She would like to have another round either at my place or hers. Instead I give my number and say that my friend is waiting for me so unfortunately I can’t tonight, but for sure on the next week.

I left the bar and switch to another one, again play the Lonewolf Game, and after a while I meet a new woman. With her, I left to my place, and f#ck her until my balls are completely empty…

As I told, this Saturday was based on the real story of my life. It was the day I broke my personal record of f#cking 4 new different women in one day.

Also, you need to know that I am not a male model or very good looking. Read this post if you are insecure about your looks…

Lifelong Memories…

Anyway, I have countless weekends like these when I am not in a Relationship (If I am in a long-term relationship, I don’t cheat).

That’s the Power Trip I am talking about. That’s what the Player Lifestyle is all about…

It’s living the life of a Rock Star without being a Superstar Celebrity.

I think there is no reason to mention why this kind of way of living is addictive. This kind of lifestyle is something that most men dream about living, but instead, they maybe have 1-10 random sex partners and find a Girlfriend who is good enough. They stay with her because they know they can’t get better and end up in an unhappy relationship, and dream about a better life…

As if you are my student and regular reader, I want to make sure that the above scenario is not your destiny.

I want that you can achieve the Player Lifestyle and experience this Power Trip. (Some of my readers have already achieved this, as they have mailed to me; if you are one of them, Congratulations again, and I am very happy that I helped you to change your life 🙂

Earlier, many years ago, before I even launched this website, I wanted to keep my gems in secret and not share them. I know I was a bit douche back then, but I was still young in my early 20’s. Then I matured and realized that every man should experience this Player Lifestyle Chapter in their life, either it lasts months or years.

The Benefits of Living the Player Lifestyle

Besides, it’s fun and addictive as f#ck; this Power Trip has multiple other benefits. You will grow as a person; you will have lifelong memories to remember for when you are old, and ironically, you learn to not put pussy on the pedestal (Attraction Killer).

You will gain social skills. You will gain enough experience with different women that if you find the love of your life, you don’t regret that you had too low laycount or have the “Grass is greener” syndrome.

Or optionally, you can continue living this way of life and feel the constant Power Trip…

Whatever is your dream or goal in life, this Player Lifestyle is something that you want to have experienced even a short duration of your life.

So, as I have already linked some helpful posts in this article, the major game-changer is The Player System. If it’s not familiar to you, learn more here.

Besides the Player System, the Player Journal Part 1 and Part 2 are good reads.

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The Story of Player Lifestyle

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