What You should NOT do on First Date?

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Do you want to learn how to screw up first date and make woman ghost on you?

Here’s tips What you should not do on First Date:

#1. Mystery = Attraction Spark

Very important. Don’t. Reveal. Everything. About. Yourself. On the very first date.

Women love mysterious guys. If you reveal all your cards on the first date, she loses an interest immediately.

The better way is to not talk a lot. Instead of talking about yourself, ask about her. People like to talk about themselves.

If you ask about her life and be interested about it, you are doing good. You are not revealing too much about yourself and you give a signs of being interested on her. If you are interested how much mystery and niche status can boost Your attractiveness on women eyes, check this post.

This takes us to the next step ->

#2. Be Desperate on First Date and never meet her again

Desperation. It’s an attraction killer. Don’t be over needy and make future plans. Live in this moment and have a fun with her. Show an interest, but don’t over do it. It scares her away. Focus on having fun and living in this moment, not stressing too much about future. Things will go as they will, just explore what the experience with this new girl may bring.

Check this post: “Desperation, the Attraction Killer to learn how to avoid having a desperate demeanor.

#3. You should not have an interview on first date

No interviews. You can ask about her school/work and all the basic stuff, but don’t make it a boring interview. Like question after question. Throw some flirty and teasing here and there to keep her interested.

Also some humor and not being too serious. An open and not caring attitude is good, and make you both feel comfortable, not taking this date too serious.

#4. What topics are complete Turn OFF? Don’t talk about these on the First Date.

Topics. Common sense. Topics you should avoid:

  • Politics.
  • Depressing stuff.

Here are of topics you could talk about instead:

  • (Work/school)
  • Hobbies
  • Gym/fitness
  • Pets
  • Tattoos
  • Travelling
  • Festivals/partying
  • Tv series/Music

#5. Should You offer Her Drinks on First Date?

What you should not do on first date? Offering drinks to her or not?
Is offering drinks on first date turn off or not?

Offering drinks? No matter. I haven’t seen a difference between buying her drinks/coffee or not buying. Sometimes I wanna be a gentleman and offer dates, sometimes not. No difference on success with this. Do as you feel.

#6. Ideas for Successful First Dates

Date ideas. Avoid a movie as a first date. It’s awkward when you can’t talk with her and get to know her.

Also nightclub is another horrible first date idea. You can read my failed date stories that ended me up in the Friend Zone here.

Beach date is NOT what you should not do on first date. Go for it!
Picnic at the Beach with Hot woman is one of my favorite First Date ideas.

Here are some more acceptable first date ideas:

  • Coffee. Good for talking and knowing for each other, bad for physically escalating and making it sexual. Coffee dates can be taken to bars for drink where you can escalate.
  • Bars. Best places for first date if your aim is to get laid. Don’t go nightclub though, that’s disaster as said above. Quiet pub where you can hear each other is good.
  • Zoo. Lot of things to talk about. Animals melts everyone’s hearts.
  • Bowling. Fun activity, good to be continued by having a drinks.
  • Walk in park. You may not go out of words as you can talk about things you see outside. Good at summers and followed by coffee date. Furthermore you can have a picnic.
  • Car tour. If you own a car, this is a good alternative for bars. In the past I have had car dates and they were successful, even ending to lays in the backseat. Car tour is good option.
  • Picnic at beach. Great especially if you have a good body, you can put it in action.
  • Mini golf. Funny and chill activity to break the ice when meeting first time. Good also for later dates.
  • Climbing. Great and fun activity especially if you both are into extreme sports.

Remember also to check this Dating Guide for successful dates if you have no idea how to keep conversation flowing, break the ice or how to make her laugh and keep the spark of attraction alive: How to be Playful and Escalate on Dates?

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