Why Mainstream Dating Advice sucks and why I'm against it.

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As I’m saying I’m a Dating Coach, I really don’t like that term. Neither I like common Dating Advice, as Mainstream Dating advice Sucks a bad!

I’m just a guy who was struggling with shyness and women, transforming to guy who got over the shyness and good with women after testing countless of ways to get there.

And I’m giving the tips and tools how you can get there too, without wasting your precious time on mainstream dating advice that won’t get you anywhere.

The mainstream dating advice…

Be a gentleman. Your looks don’t matter it’s a personality. Go to gym and get a new hair style. Don’t ask for sex too fast.

Why Mainstream Dating Advice Sucks?

Few points why the mainstream dating advice sucks:

  • The looks matters. This is what I proved myself from improving my looks from average to above average. As I went below 10% bodyfat, I probably got approached by woman first time in my life at the club. Until that point I always had to make an initiative. I still got laid before that, but the breaking point was after improving my looks.
  • By only going to gym won’t automatically grant you women. Hot body is sexy though, but you still need to put an effort and not wait for girls coming. On the other hand, don’t go too bulky and build too much fat. This decreases your looks, even if you have a more size, you’ll get facial bloating and hide those sexy abs.
  • “Don’t ask for sex too fast”. By listening this advice I got friendzoned countless of times. When I learned to be more aggressive and have balls to actually make it sexual, my success rate again jumped up. She either is sexually attracted to you, or not. If you don’t find it out, you are wasting time if she likes you as a friend.
  • Be a gentleman. Yes and no. A little bit of gentleman is good, but you’ll need also some “Bad Boy” vibe besides this. That’s the perfect combo women loves. Only being a gentleman and being too nice guy is going to lead into friendzone.

Making it too complicated will hold your success

As I told in my story, I used to do some PUA shit.

A it was full of complicated patterns and rules, I became a paranoid. I analyzed everything from the beginning of the approach.

I couldn’t go for kiss, because I though I hadn’t build enough attraction as she didn’t reply to my stories in right way.

I didn’t had balls to ask for after party, because I had read some formula like I should first do at least 3 times thing x and then do thing y and then thing z, after that she’s ready to have sex with me.

By wasting my time with these kinds of formulas I missed some good lays. I remember having girls highly interested in me, but I f@#ked things up because I though I had to learn these secret formulas to become player.

So if you have got right now into some “secret formula” that promises you to get laid with every women, try to break the rules of the formula. You may surprise.

So how to actually Get Laid

  • Maximize your looks and try to maintain that low body fat %. This way you maximize your success to rejection ratio.
  • Approach. Pickup lines won’t matter, you can say almost anything. If you are struggling with approach, do this program, so you’ll become immune to rejections and can approach anytime, anywhere.
  • Make it flirty from the beginning. This way you can already read if she is into you or not. If it’s green light, you are good to continue.
  • It’s always a numbers game. The more you approach, the more higher chances you have to find a women that is interest in you.
  • It’s a physical game. You should try to get that physical contact as soon as possible. This way you can go for make out easier, and after that you can get laid easier. It always doesn’t requires a make out phase to get laid.
  • Have a backbone to stand for yourself. This is an attractive trait.
  • Go for it and ask for the after party, even it’s not the best moment. I always though it should be a smooth conversation until I can ask for it. These kinds of situations rarely came. But when I just went for it, I surprised how they would agree.

It’s not a rocket science. There are no rules. Just approaching and reading if she is interest in you, flirting and physical escalation.

To learn some techniques, example how to read either she likes you or how to flirt and create some sexual tension, check this post.

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